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Informação: Information itinerary on OTL-J programme covers more than regional 400 entities
The Information Itinerary on the Youth Free Time Occupation Programme (OTL-J) involved more than four hundred entities across the archipelago. Promoted by the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Directorate for Youth, the itinerary took place in January and March, through various information sessions aimed at entities from 19 Azorean municipalities. The main purpose of these sessions w... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Director for Youth praises social entrepreneurship project "Young Earth"
The Regional Director for Youth praised in Ribeira Grande the social entrepreneurship project "Young Earth." It is being developed by the Association for Promotion of Young People at Risk. Pilar Damião attended the closing session of the seminar "Young Earth - Youth Employability: Act Locally, think globally." The government official stressed that "the merit of the project has recognised from... Mais >>

Informação: Training Course "Azores Entrepreneurship 2016" kicks off in March
The Government of the Azores starts the training course "Azores Entrepreneurship" in the month of March, an initiative that aims to provide students with a wide range of knowledge on business in order to harness the economic potential of endogenous resources in the Region. The courses begin in Ponta Delgada and there are scheduled courses to take place in Maia (also on São Miguel Island), Ang... Mais >>

Informação: 34 young people from several countries to start traineeships in the Azores under the Eurodyssey programme
A group of 25 young people from several countries will start a professional traineeship in Azorean institutions and companies under the Eurodyssey programme. This group of young people will stay in the Azores for the next six months. The first month will be exclusively dedicated to the learning of the Portuguese language and the remaining five months will be spent in a real work environment. The i... Mais >>

Informação: ICT spaces ensure young people access to safe and controlled technologies, says Brito e Abreu
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stressed that the Socio-Educational and Technological Centre of Santo António village, municipality of Ponta Delgada, is "a good example" of the importance that Information and Communication Technology spaces may have to young people who, after school activities, "spend their leisure and study time, having access to information, music... Mais >>

Informação: Youth Parliament is example of gender equality and democratic participation, says Isabel Rodrigues
The Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs pointed out in Horta the "female representation" in the Youth Parliament. This situation "is unprecedented" in the National Assembly, in regional parliaments or in "the vast majority of parliaments throughout Europe and the world." Hence, Isabel Rodrigues called the attention of young member female members of parliament,... Mais >>

Informação: LABJOVEM 2016 takes young winners to Edinburgh
The Regional Director for Youth revealed in Ponta Delgada that the 5th edition of LABJOVEM - Young Creators of the Azores Competition received 192 applications. A total of 27 projects were selected to be featured in the LABJOVEM 2016 Exhibition. Speaking Saturday at the presentation of the results of LABJOVEM Competition, Pilar Damião stressed that the LABJOVEM Exhibition will be displayed i... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores supports "Tremor" Festival as artistic dissemination and creation event
The Regional Director for Youth stated in Ponta Delgada that the "Government of the Azores supports artistic creation and the revitalisation of public spaces to promote the intersection between art, culture and sustainable development." Speaking at the presentation of "Tremor" Festival, Pilar Damião stressed that "creative hubs attract talent and innovation, contribute to job creation, genera... Mais >>

Informação: Erasmus + Programme has been instrumental tool for the internationalisation of Azorean youth
The Regional Director for Youth stressed in Ponta Delgada the importance of Erasmus+ programme, considering it has been "an instrumental tool for the internationalisation of Azorean young people, "mainly due to the creation of networks of contacts and the enhancement of cooperation with third countries and international organisations." Pilar Damião spoke Wednesday at the presentation of the c... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Director for Youth praises entrepreneurial attitude of André Leonardo
The Regional Director for Youth praised in Ponta Delgada the entrepreneurial attitude of André Leonardo, considering that "it has been inspiring" for the itinerary "Make the Azores Happen," which the Government is promoting in the archipelago. Speaking Wednesday at the launch of the book "Faz Acontecer" (Make it Happen) by this young entrepreneur, Pilar Damião conveyed her belief that i... Mais >>

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