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Informação: Emergency protection works already began at Lajes das Flores Port
The President of the Government visited today the protection works of the embankment at Lajes das Flores Port, destroyed by Hurricane Lorenzo in October 2019, an emergency intervention representing an investment of about 22 million Euros. This visit was part of the round of contacts and visits that Vasco Cordeiro is making on all islands of the archipelago for the resumption of economic activity... Mais >>

Informação: Ana Cunha points out that SATA's employees "have managed to reinvent SATA" during pandemic
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works congratulated SATA's employees, highlighting that they "have managed to reinvent SATA" during the pandemic period and "are managing to reinvent it during this period of recovery." Ana Cunha visited today the João Paulo II Airport in Ponta Delgada in order to "become better acquainted with SATA's performance and the operations carried out... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government safeguards routing of quarantined passengers on arrival in the Region
The Council of the Government approved today a resolution that safeguards the routing of air passengers under the current the concession agreement for regular inter-island air service between the Region and SATA Air Açores. It applies to cases where passengers comply or have complied with quarantine or prophylactic isolation under the terms established by legal or regulatory determination and... Mais >>

Informação: 46 million Euro investment to prepare Ponta Delgada Port for the future, stresses President of the Government
The President of the Government visited today the site where the upgrading and rehabilitation works of Ponta Delgada Port are taking place, an investment of about 46 million Euros that will increase the capacity of the container park by 68% and allow the operation of three ships simultaneously in the area under intervention. "This is an investment of about 46 million Euros with co-funding of 32 ... Mais >>

Informação: Inter-island air links and maritime links on Central Group islands to be resumed Friday, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government announced today that inter-island air links and maritime links on the Central Group islands will be gradually resumed from Friday, May 29. Regarding the Azores Airlines flight connections outside the Region, Vasco Cordeiro added that the Government will analyse this issue in the early weeks of June so that these flights during that month may resume during that mon... Mais >>

Informação: Clarification from the Regional Government
In view of the press release from the PSD Parliamentary Group on the alleged fact that the "Government hinders" the work of the Working Group of the Legislative Assembly of the Azores responsible for assessing the impact of the damage caused by Hurricane Lorenzo, the Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs considers it necessary to clarify the following: - It is ... Mais >>

Informação: Corvo Island with guaranteed supply
The supply to the island of Corvo by sea has been carried out since this morning, following the arrival of the vessel “Ponta da Barca” to Casa Port. Nearly 120 tonnes of miscellaneous goods and fuel were loaded at Horta Port in order to guarantee the normal supply to the different economic activities on the island of Corvo. Additionally, the vessel “Ponta da Barca” will m... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government is preparing package of measures to support Azorean companies operating in regional commercial ports
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works announced today that the Regional Government is preparing a package of measures to support Azorean companies operating in regional commercial ports. Ana Cunha spoke at the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly, held by video conference, about a draft resolution presented by CDS/PP on the suspension of berthing fees for maritime-tourist ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government refutes claims of fuel rationing on Corvo Island
The Regional Government informs that there is no rationing of fuel on the island of Corvo, and is currently monitoring the current fuel levels in the local market, through the Regional Cohesion and Economic Development Support Fund (FRACDE). This monitoring guarantees that the island of Corvo has at its disposal the necessary fuel to ensure the daily lives of its inhabitants during the course of... Mais >>

Informação: Fuel sale prices updated in the Azores
Last month has seen a drop in fuel sale prices in the European market, which serves as reference for the definition of prices in the Azores, corresponding to the average retail prices in 14 European countries. Accordingly, there will be a decrease of 10.6 cents per litre in the price of 95 octane petrol, a decrease of 8.6 cents in the maximum sale price of road diesel, dyed and marked diesel for... Mais >>

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