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Informação: Azores Entrepreneurship programme supported unemployed people in the creation of 52 new companies
The Vice-President of the Government revealed today that the Azores Entrepreneurship programme, an innovative project at national level, supported and monitored the creation of 52 new companies by 52 unemployed people, thus "turning difficult situations into new business opportunities." Sérgio Ávila stressed that this programme "allowed unemployed people to create their businesses and cr... Mais >>

Informação: Azorean companies will have access to funding amounting to over 100 million Euros
The Vice-President of the Government stated in Horta that, through the signing of an agreement between the Regional Government and the Financial Development Institution (DIF), Azorean companies will have access to funding over 100 million Euros, starting this year. Sérgio Ávila stated that "the IFD will now launch a tender to select the financial institutions that will provide these lin... Mais >>

Informação: "Azores Export 2017" plan supports and promotes export potential of regional companies
The "Azores Export 2017" plan falls within the strategy to increase the export of regional goods and services developed by the Government of the Azores. It includes several initiatives and support to companies, namely the participation in fairs, promotional activities and organisation of business missions. They are intended to enhance the external visibility of the Region and, particularly, of com... Mais >>

Informação: Regional workers and companies benefit from 250 million Euros more in disposable income in the Azores
The Vice-President of the Government revealed that the Regional Government's strategic options regarding taxes as well as the creation and increase of additional support measures allowed Azorean workers and companies to benefit from 250 million Euros more in disposable income compared to that they would get if they lived in other regions of the country. "Azorean companies and families have an add... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores opens applications to the Incentive Scheme for the Development of Handicrafts
The Vice-Presidency of the Government, through the Regional Centre for Handicrafts (CRAA), promotes the submission of applications to the Incentive Scheme for the Development of the Azores Handicrafts (SIDART) for the year 2017. The application period runs from February 15 to March 21. According to the order published today in the Official Journal, the support measure cover projects ranging from ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government to strengthen promotion of entrepreneurship in this legislative period
The Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs announced in Angra do Heroísmo that the Government of the Azores will "enhance the promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture in this legislative period." The goal will be accomplished through a series of actions and support partnerships so that the Azorean youth may have "new and innovative initiative... Mais >>

Informação: Government promotes visit from Canadian business entrepreneurs to the Azores
The Vice-President of the Government, through the Society for Business Development of the Azores (SDEA), promotes, from January 21 to 25, a visit to the Region by Canadian companies. It will cover the islands of São Miguel, Terceira and Pico, during which they will have meetings with various regional entrepreneurs. The Canadian delegation includes entrepreneur of Azorean origin, David Tavares... Mais >>

Informação: Private investment implemented by Azorean companies doubled this year
The Vice-President of the Government revealed today in Ponta Delgada that the "private investment implemented by Azorean companies under Competir+ incentive schemes until the end of October this year doubled over the same period" of 2015, revealing confidence in the regional economy. "Under the new incentives for business activity systems, I can also say that 400 new projects representing an inves... Mais >>

Informação: Expansion of Santa Maria space station to double direct jobs, says Brito e Abreu
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stated in Vila do Porto that the European Space Agency station (ESA) on Santa Maria "will be upgraded to the 'premier league' of space stations worldwide" and double direct jobs on this island. Fausto Brito e Abreu spoke during the signing ceremony of the agreements for the expansion of ESA space infrastructures on Santa Maria: the mainten... Mais >>

Informação: Luís Neto Viveiros highlights "positive evolution" of Cooperativa Ocidental
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and the Environment highlighted on Flores the "positive evolution" of Cooperativa Ocidental and milk production on the island, praising the commitment of producers. "This positive trend is due primarily to the efforts of milk producers and the Cooperative's Administration Board in a joint effort we have joined in this process," said Luís Neto Viveiros, w... Mais >>

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