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Information: Breast Cancer screening initiative with 70% adherence in the municipalities of Nordeste and Povoação
A total of 1341 women undertook screenings for the detection of breast-cancer. These screenings were offered by the Regional Government of the Azores in the municipalities of Nordeste and Povoação, in the island of São Miguel. According to the Azores Oncology Centre, the institution that oversees the implementation of the project, 70% of women residing in the municipalities underto... more >>

Information: Ombudsman for Justice commends support of Regional Government to institutionalised children and youngsters
The Ombudsman for Justice commended the Regional Government for having "taken into consideration" its recommendations in the report concerning "Children and Youngsters Living in state homes and CAT in the Autonomous Region of the Azores." The Ombudsman for Justice, Nascimento Rodrigues, in a letter to the President of the Regional Government, wrote that "without forgetting the relevance of in... more >>

Government prepares legislation to combat rodents Information: Government prepares legislation to combat rodents
On Monday, the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry said that the Regional Government of the Azores is preparing legislation to address the threat that rodents pose to agriculture in the Azores. Whilst presenting the results of the study "Epidemiology and Control of Leptospirosis in the Autonomous Region of the Azores", Noé Rodrigues assured that the legislation that has been adop... more >>

Azores Health Service affected by severe shortages in General Practitioners and Internal Medicine specialistsInformation: Azores Health Service affected by severe shortages in General Practitioners and Internal Medicine specialists
The Regional Government of the Azores considered that the archipelago is affected by severe shortages in the General Practitioner and Internal Medicine specialisations notwithstanding the fact that internship scholarships are offered to those who wish to work in the Azores. Regional legislation, in order to promote the fixation of interns in the Regional Health Service, stipulated that doctors th... more >>

Maria Laurentina Mendes is appointed new president of SaudaçorInformation: Maria Laurentina Mendes is appointed new president of Saudaçor
Maria Larurentina Mendes holds a BA in Business Organisation and Management. On February 2nd she will substitute Teresa Luciano as the president of the Administrative Council of Saudação, a health-care company established by the Regional Government of the Azores. Presently she works as a commercial director of an important banking institution. The new president of Saudaçor is 38 ye... more >>

Information: The divulgation of the Azorean Health Report
The Regional Directorate for Sport (DRD) presented, this Monday at 21 hrs, the Azorean Health Report at the Concert Hall of Horta’s Public Library. The Azorean Health Report is a study that addresses the physical well-being of the citizens of Azores. This study, conducted in six islands, has enabled the evaluation of the physical aptitude, food consumption habits and the quality of life of ... more >>

Regional directorate for healthInformation: Outbreak of flu didn’t attack the Azores
The outbreak of flu that is happening in the Mainland didn’t attack the Azores, being registered a search of the health units of the Region due to this pathology contented by isolated cases. The information was given by a spokesman of the Regional Directorate for Health, the doctor Luís Brito de Azevedo. As he said, data gathered in the Azorean hospitals and health centres indicate that... more >>

President of the Government in meetingInformation: Regional Government will support international congress on the Machado-Joseph disease
The president of the Government of the Azores said today that the incidence of the Machado-Joseph disease in the archipelago gives special responsibilities and, consequently, it brings obligations, whether in the assistance plan to the nearly 90 people affected by the disease, whether in the support to the people who investigate it, developing a meritorious activity. Carlos César, who receiv... more >>

Bicycle walkInformation: Regional Directorate for Youth sponsors “Dar a Volta à Droga” bicycle walk
The Regional Directorate for Youth sponsors the bicycle walk (BTT) that happens on Sunday, in the island of S. Miguel, with the objective to alert for the problem of addictions. The initiative, which takes as a motto “Dar a Volta à Droga”, is organized by the Norte Crescente association and it challenges the population not to stay at home “for a good reason”. The w... more >>

Divino Espírito Santo HospitalInformation: Azores with work group for prevention and control of infections associated to health cares
Government doctors, nurses and technicians integrate a work group of eight elements created by the Government of the Azores with the objective of promoting the knowledge of the regional situation on the subject of infections associated to the health cares. The new organism, which integrates representatives of the regional hospitals of the islands of Faial, Terceira and S. Miguel and of the healt... more >>

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