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Information: Investment applications for SIDER exceed 400 million Euros
The Incentive Scheme for the Regional Development of the Azores (SIDER) has received more than 600 applications since its entry into force, which corresponds to an investment of over 400 million Euros. With regard to the applications whose contract has been signed, the Regional Secretary for the Economy stressed the “implementation rate of 70 percent at the present moment,” which demon... more >>

Information: Alteration of SIDER – System of incentives for the development of the Azores
The first alteration of SIDER was published today. The most relevant changes relate to the payment of approved incentives. Get the Regional Legislative Decree n.º 2/2009/A at the Legislation page For more about SIDER logon to–+Syst... more >>

Fishmarket of CorvoInformation: Government supported the construction of nearly 300 new fishing vessels in the Azores
The start, today, of the construction works of the building of the fish market, refrigerator warehouse and seat of the Fishermen's Association of the Island of Corvo, budgeted for 920 thousand euros, was marked by a ceremony over which the Regional Undersecretary of Fishing presided. The contract job contemplates the construction of a building from the foundations that will have several services,... more >>

PROCONVERGÊNCIAInformation: Candidatures to the Proconvergência operational program already exceed 131 million euros
The Proconvergência operational program, working a year ago, already has investments in a global value of 131,8 million euros, which correspond to a Community support of 111,9 million euros. The Proconvergência, co-financed by the Community Fund FEDER as part of the Azores Strategic Reference Framework (QRESA) 2007-2013, registered, this month only, the approval of 21 candidatures in th... more >>

Information: APIA with 875 thousand euros to attract investments in the Azores and to promote the Region abroad
The Government of the Azores endowed the Agency for Promotion of the Investment of the Region (APIA) with an amount of 875 thousand euros meant for financing activities planned for this year in the areas of the captivation of extern investment in the Region, support to the execution of projects and identification of aids and incentives to implement by the Executive in the found raising of business... more >>

Vice president of the governmentInformation: New Hospital of Terceira Island starts still this year
The process for the construction of the new Hospital of Terceira Island will be finished in December, month in which the Government of the Azores will proceed to the grant of the work, being already acquired the totality of the lands, where more than 4,5 million euros were invested. The information was stated today, in Angra do Heroísmo, by the vice president of the Executive in a press conf... more >>

Fishing fleetInformation: Government promotes promotion of the new incentives system to the renovation of the fishing fleet
The Government of the Azores is going to promote from next week, in all the islands of the Region, a set of actions of diffusion of the new incentives system to the renovation of the regional fishing fleet. With the implementation of the new supports, the Executive of Carlos César intends to maintain the dimension of the regional fleet in balance with the fishing means in the Exclusive Econo... more >>

President of the Regional GovernmentInformation: Price of the diesel fuel will significantly lower
The president of the Government of the Azores guaranteed last night that, if the current prices of the fuel are maintained, it will be possible to lower significantly, on the 1st of October, the price of the diesel fuel in the Region. Warning that such decrease has nothing to do with the elections that are coming soon - being enough to remember that, four years ago, the last decision of his Gover... more >>

President of the Government in Rabo de PeixeInformation: Change in Rabo de Peixe also passes by the resolution of the housing problem
While presiding, today afternoon, at the ceremony of delivery of 14 new houses in the town of Rabo de Peixe - in a process of re-accommodation of people who were living in the sea front of that town - the president of the Government of the Azores said that there was being lived the moment of the resolution of a problem, but, in simultaneous, the instant in which also it was begun solving many othe... more >>

President of the Government in kindergartenInformation: Regional Government wants to oblige bigger enterprises in assuming responsibilities in the social field
The president of the Government of the Azores said today that his executive is going to approve, soon, legislation that will oblige enterprises with bigger employer dimension to assume responsibilities in the social area. Carlos César was speaking in the ceremony of inauguration of the day-care centre “O Girassol”, managed by the Social Centre of Atalhada, in S. Miguel, and he wa... more >>

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