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Information: Considerable area of the central Atlantic will be under the management of the Azores in April
The Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea stated at the Azorean Parliament on Tuesday that a “considerable area” of the central Atlantic will be under the management of the Azores, starting next April. This is the outcome of the decision taken in Bergen (Norway) in September 2010 by the Ministers of the Contracting Parties to the Oslo-Paris Convention, who have decided... more >>

Information: Multimedia project on industrial fishing in Brazil presented in the Azores
Brazilian journalist Ana Sheila Calgaro presents a multimedia project on Brazilian industrial fishing on the islands of Terceira, Pico and Faial from November 16 to 20.The project to be presented, which consists of a literary work, a film and a photo exhibition on industrial fishing in Brazil, is supported by the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Directorate for Communities and counts... more >>

Information: Regional Government supports launch in the archipelago of work on industrial fishing in Santa Catarina, Brazil
The Regional Government of the Azores supports the launch in the archipelago of a work by Brazilian journalist, Sheila Ana Calgaro, which includes a literary work, a film and a photography exhibition on industrial fishing in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The work to be launched at the public libraries of Angra do Heroísmo and Horta on November 16 and 18, respectively, and at the Whalin... more >>

Information: Temporary ban on the practice of fishing on the Condor bank brings more advantages than disadvantages
The temporary ban on the practice of fishing on the Condor bank, a seamount located southwest of the island of Faial, about 10 miles off the coast, brings s more advantages than disadvantages. This is the assessment made by the Regional Under Secretary of Fishing, Marcelo Pamplona, on Wednesday in Horta where Department of Oceanography and Fisheries (DOP) of the University of the Azores presented... more >>

Information: Carlos César pleased with international acknowledgement of new Marine Protected Areas in the Azores
The President of the Government enthusiastically welcomed the confirmation, announced by the ministers of the Contracting Parties to the OSPAR, of the new Marine Protected areas in the Azores. For Carlos César, the fact “contributes to the international projection of the Azores and, once again, for a good reason.” The President of the Government also said that “Europe is to ... more >>

Information: Government committed to promote the role of Sea in regional economy
The interventions that the Government of the Azores has been developing on several islands to provide them with better maritime infrastructures represents a clear commitment to enhance the role of the Sea in Region as “this is a strategy which is not confined to the provision of physical infrastructures,” stressed the Regional Secretary for the Economy on Pico Island on Thursday. Vasco... more >>

Information: Government supports marketing of fresh fish on Cohesion Islands
The Government of the Azores has awarded a subsidy of 114,639.290 Euros to about one hundred fishers whose vessels are registered on the so-called “Cohesion Islands.” The decision is part of an Ordinance issued by the Under Secretary of Fishing, published in the Official Journal on Tuesday and it is the result of a regional aid of 32 cents per each kilogram of fresh fish for marketing... more >>

Information: Azores prohibit fishing with trawl gear and gillnets
The practice of fishing with trawl gear and gillnets at a depth exceeding 30 metres as well as with drift nets and trammel nets is prohibited in the Azores Sea. The measure, which will be enforced in the Azores Sea, a subarea of the national Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), is envisaged in the “legal framework of Azorean fishing,” approved at the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday by pr... more >>

Information: Carlos César reiterates Government’s support to fisheries, but requires effort and rigor
Presiding over the opening ceremony of the fisheries centre of the Madalena Port, Carlos César reiterated the Government’s commitment to support the regional fishing sector, but demands effort and rigor from all involved in the sector. “If it is true that the fishing activity has significantly evolved, as a result of the political commitment over the last years, on the other hand ... more >>

Information: Azores defend marine potentialities at international forum
The Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea participated in a forum integrated in the celebrations of the European Day of Fisheries that are being held in the city of Gijón, where he presented paper titled “The Perspective of the Azores on the European Maritime Policy” on Wednesday afternoon. During this presentation, integrated in the panel “A Global Overview o... more >>

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