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Information: Electricity consumption registers slight increase in the first quarter
Electricity consumption grew 0.2 per cent in the Azores in this year’s first quarter, compared to the same period of 2008, reaching a total of 184,744 MWh.According to the regional electricity company EDA, the commercial and service sector (which includes public services) absorbed 43.1 percent of the total consumption, while the domestic sector absorbed 35.6 per cent and the industrial secto... more >>

Carlos César says that the Azores are a reference regarding the use of renewable energiesInformation: Carlos César says that the Azores are a reference regarding the use of renewable energies
The President of the Government of the Azores said today that he believes that it is possible to continue to produce and consume more electricity from renewable energy sources in the Region, rather than fossil fuels.“The Regional Government of the Azores has defined three major goals within the scope of the Azores Energy Strategic Plan, a document which will soon become legal-binding. These ... more >>

Diesel one cent cheaper starting FridayInformation: Diesel one cent cheaper starting Friday
The cost of diesel will decrease by one cent per litre in the Azores starting Friday. It will henceforth be sold at 87 cents per litre. This decrease in the cost of diesel, implemented by the Regional Government, is a consequence of recent developments in the cost of oil in the international markets. As it intervenes in the fuel sector, the Government of Carlos César strives to lower as m... more >>

Information: The Autonomous Region of the Azores will start applying EU Directive regarding the energy certification of buildings
On Thursday, in the city of Horta, the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea said that the Azores has opted for the "direct transposition" of the EU Directive 2002/91/CE, which concerns the energy certification of buildings. Álamo Meneses, speaking in the Parliament of the Azores, said that, given the specificities of the islands, it does not make sense to transpose this EU env... more >>

Electricity consumption increases 3.5% in 2008Information: Electricity consumption increases 3.5% in 2008
Electricity consumption on the Azores increased 3.5% in 2008 in relation to the previous year, reaching 753.702 MWh. According to EDA, the Azorean electricity company, the commercial sector absorbed 45% of total energy consumption while domestic use reached the figure of 33.6%. On the other hand, industrial consumption accounted for 16.7% of total electricity consumption. In 2008, renewable ... more >>

Carlos César considers project of energy-autonomy of great strategic importance for the AzoresInformation: Carlos César considers project of energy-autonomy of great strategic importance for the Azores
The Regional Government wishes to convey its satisfaction for the fact that the meeting of the operational committee of the Programme Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Portugal took place in the Azores, given that, in strategic terms, this is a very important initiative for the Region. The President himself said it after meeting with Paulo Ferrão and Stephen Connors, directors o... more >>

Terceira island leads per capita consumption of electricity in the AzoresInformation: Terceira island leads per capita consumption of electricity in the Azores
In 2007, Terceira island reached a per capita level of electrical consumption in the order of 3.329kWh. This figure is higher than the average for the Azores as a whole and is proportionally higher than the figures for any of the other islands in the Region. According to the regional electricity provider, EDA, in Santa Maria and Faial the figures related to the consumption of electricity per inha... more >>

Information: Gasoline, diesel fuel and domestic gas decrease price on Monday
The prices of gasoline and of the road diesel fuel decrease in the Azores in two cents per litre, since Monday, starting the domestic gas to the kilogram being sold in the Region at fewer two cents. For decision of the Regional Government, the new maximum price of sale to the public of the 95-octane gasoline starts being of 1,05 euros and it of the 98-octane of 1,11 euros per litre. The road diese... more >>

EDAInformation: Consumption of electricity increased 3,5 percent by November
The consumption of electricity increased in the Azores 3,5 percent in the first eleven months of this year, comparing to the homologous period of 2007, reaching an accumulated total of 691.716 MHz. According to data of the Azorean electric company, EDA, the sector of commerce and services (including the public services) absorbed 45 percent of the consumption of electricity in the Region, between J... more >>

Gas stationInformation: Fuel oil for electric production decreases 15 cents in January
The fuel oil for production of electricity is going to decrease in the Azores in 15 cents per kilogram, since the 1st January, it decided the Regional Government. In function of the new lowering, the fuel oil starts being sold in bulk in the infrastructures of the distributing companies at the maximum prices of 31, 33, 36 and 38 cents per kilogram in the islands of S. Miguel, Terceira, Pico and Fa... more >>

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