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Business Space

This space is dedicated to your business. The information and tools gathered here are designed to help you start, manage or grow your business and deal with the day-to-day challenges along the way.

Get to know the entities from the azorean administration pertaining to business lifecycle:

Regional Regional Directorate for the Support of Investment and Competitiveness
Manages the systems of financial investment incentives region-wide and licenses the commerce, industry, electricity, petrol, geological resources areas and others. Manages the System of Support to the Promotion of Azorean Products and POSEIMA’s Specific Regime of Supply and ensures coverage of the region in terms of metrological control.

Regional Regional Directorate for Public Works and Communications
Supports private sector technological modernization focusing especially on the Small to Medium Enterprises. Manages the Integrated Plan for Science and Technology.

Regional Directorate for Social Solidarity
Coordinates the actions of the regional social security entities: Institute for Social Work, Social Security Management Institute and the Social Security Financial Management Centre.

Regional Directorate for Tourism
Coordinates all actions within the regional policy for Tourism. Manages the incentives for Tourism Promotion and Animation from the Subsystem of Support to the Development of Tourism.

Regional Directorate for Employment and Vocational Training
Manages all measures from the European Social Fund in the Region aimed at Human Resources and labour market. Executes the employment, work and vocational training policies and work inspection.

Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities
Special regimen inspective service, supervisory of the economic activities.

Regional Inspectorate of Employment
Develops counselling and inspective actions in enterprises and other organizations towards promoting hygiene, security and health in the workplace.


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