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Horta ,  May 14, 2013

Autonomic Commendations distinguish 37 personalities and institutions this year

The solemn session of the Day of the Azores to be held in the city of Horta next Monday, jointly organised by the Regional Government and the Legislative Assembly, will be celebrated with the bestowal of 37 Honour Commendations.

The Azorean commendations, whose legal scheme was approved in 2002, "aim to distinguish, during one’ lifetime or posthumously, citizens and legal persons who distinguish themselves by personal or institutional merits, acts, civic deeds or by services rendered to the Region."

The Azorean honour commendations comprise the following categories: Insígnia Autonómica de Valor (Autonomic Commendation of Value), Insígnia Autonómica de Reconhecimento (Autonomic Commendation of Recognition), Insígnia Autonómica de Mérito (Autonomic Commendation of Merit which includes professional merit, industrial, commercial and agricultural merit, and civic merit) and Insígnia Autonómica de Dedicação (Autonomic Commendation of Dedication).

The Autonomic Commendation of Value, being the most important honour commendation, intends to distinguish "the performance, exceptionally relevant, of positions at the self-government bodies or at the service of the Region or civic deeds of great relevance."

In turn, the Autonomic Commendation of recognition aims to honour "the acts or the conduct of exceptional relevance" of Portuguese and foreign citizens who "value and confer prestige to the Region in the Country or abroad," "contribute to the expansion of the Azorean culture or to the knowledge of the Azores and of their history or who "distinguish themselves by their literary, scientific, artistic or sports merit."

The Autonomic Commendation of Merit aims to distinguish "meritorious acts or services rendered by Portuguese or foreign citizens in the exercise of any public or private duties."

This commendation is divided into three categories: professional merit (distinguish the exceptional performance in any professional activity, whether by self-employed workers, whether by employed workers); industrial, commercial and agricultural merit (awards those who, having developed their action in the industrial, commercial or agricultural areas, have distinguished themselves by important services in the development these areas or by exceptional merits in their action); civic merit (awards those who, in accordance with a clear understanding of their civic duties, have relevantly contributed to the services to the community, particularly to the social and cultural areas).

Finally, the autonomic commendation of dedication "aims to distinguish relevant services rendered in the performance of duties in the Public Administration, honouring the workers who demonstrate unusual qualities in their position and who, by their conduct, may become an example to follow."

According to the legislation establishing the Azorean honour commendations, those distinguished with these awards have the duty to "honour the Region" in all circumstances and to "dignify the commendation by all means."

The Legislative Assembly approved by unanimity on Tuesday the awarding of Autonomic Commendations whose bestowal will take place at the Solemn Session to celebrate the Day of the Autonomous Region of the Azores. 

The list of Commendations awarded this year is the following:
Insígnia Autonómica de Valor - Autonomic Commendation of Value (1):
- Carlos Manuel Martins do Vale César
Insígnia Autonómica de Reconhecimento - Autonomic Commendation of Recognition (12):
- António Clemente Pereira da Costa Santos
- Ariel Edison Guadalupe Cabrera (posthumously)
- Artur Teodoro de Matos
- Francisco Cota Fagundes
- Heitor Miguel Sousa Medeiros
- Manuel Edward de Mello (posthumously)
- Maria João da Câmara da Silva
- Mário João de Oliveira Ruivo
- Meaghan Benfeito
- Nuno Duarte Gil Mendes Bettencourt
- Seminário Episcopal de Angra
- Vasco Manuel Pimentel Pereira da Costa
Insígnia Autonómica de Mérito Profissional - Autonomic Commendation of Professional Merit (3):
- Augusto Pamplona Monjardino (posthumously)
- Dinis Manuel Pacheco Martins
- Vasco Augusto Sodré Aguiar
Insígnia Autonómica de Mérito Industrial, Comercial e Agrícola - Autonomic Commendation of Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Merit (5):
- Artur Ribeiro Ramos
- Emiliano Arruda de Castro Carneiro (posthumously)
- João Batista dos Santos
- José Aurélio Martins Mendonça
- Luís Alberto Meireles Martins Mota
Insígnia Autonómica de Mérito Cívico - Autonomic Commendation of Civic Merit (9):
- António José Pimentel Cassiano
- Fernanda Correia Garcia Trindade
- Filarmónica Lira Corvense
- Fundação Faialense
- José Cardoso Romeiro
- José Simões Borges (posthumously)
- José Soares Nunes
- Júlio da Rosa
- Obra Social Madre Maria Clara – Açores
Insígnia Autonómica de Dedicação - Autonomic Commendation of Dedication (7):
- Adelaide Maria Medina Teles
- Ana Paula de Medeiros Andrade Constância
- Arminda Maria Ávila Pimentel da Silveira
- Carlos Alberto Marques
- Francisco da Encarnação Afonso
- José Costa Melo
- Maria de Simas Cardoso


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