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Information: Vasco Cordeiro announces three new measures to support workers and companies in the tourism sector
The President of the Government announced today three new measures to support the Region's tourism sector, which aim to protect workers and defend companies in this area from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. “These new measures are part of the set of measures that have been implemented at regional and national level. They have two main purposes: employment protection and worker protec... more >>

Information: President of the Government welcomed Minister of the Sea
The President of the Government welcomed the Minister of the Sea in Ponta Delgada, where they met to analyse several matters of interest to the Region, such as the Sea Observatory and the installation of weather radars in the three island groups of the archipelago. “I am confident in the results of this meeting, namely with regard to key areas that are under the administration of the Minist... more >>

Information: Construction of new Pedro Miguel Church, Faial Island, demonstrates resilience of Azorean People, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government presided over the laying of the first stone of the construction of the new Pedro Miguel Parish Church, a “moment of profound significance” for the island of Faial and for the Region, which is an example of the resilience of the Azorean People. “What this ceremony represents is a little bit of the history of our history here in the Azores.We have s... more >>

Information: Agriculture Interpretation Centre to disseminate sector that promotes Region nationwide, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government considered today that the Agriculture Interpretation Centre, a project developed by São Miguel Agricultural Association and supported by the Regional Government, will disseminate the path taken by a sector that has contributed to the promotion of the Region in the national context. “This is not just, within the scope of this project, a physical space. Wh... more >>

Information: Resumption of Regional Health Service is on the "right track," says President of the Government
The President of the Government stated today that the gradual resumption of the Regional Health Service, after the first phase of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, is on the "right track," which allows us to anticipate the achievement of the productivity goal set for this year. "We are on the right track, as far as this recovery process is concerned, having a very clear awareness that we ... more >>

Information: Vasco Cordeiro opens pilot project that invests in new electric mobility technologies
The President of the Government opened the "Energy on Wheels - V2G Azores" pilot project, an initiative that focuses on the use of innovative technologies related to electric mobility involving several partners in the energy sector. In testing this new technology and quantifying the benefit for users and power grid operators, the targets of this project "place the Azores at the forefront in term... more >>

Information: Vasco Cordeiro opens remodelling works of Emergency and Outpatient Services of Horta Hospital
The President of the Government opened today the remodelling works of the Emergency and Outpatient Services of Horta Hospital, representing another phase of the 21 million-Euro investment that has been made in health infrastructures on the island of Faial. "The opening of these remodelling and expansion works of the Emergency Service and the Day Hospital are another step in the effort that has bee... more >>

Information: Vasco Cordeiro opens Maritime School that has the "ambition" to provide training of reference in this area
The President of the Government opened today the Azores Maritime School, an investment of about 7.2 million Euros that has the "ambition," from the island of Faial, to become a national and international reference in the training of professions in this area. "I am proud to open the Azores Maritime School (EMA) for the fact that this 7.2 million-Euro investment fulfils a dream and an ambition, bo... more >>

Information: Vasco Cordeiro announces replacement of vessel "Arquipélago" to improve research of the Azores Sea
The President of the Government announced today that, under the next Community funds, the Region will replace the vessel "Arquipélago" with a new vessel with better conditions for scientific research in the Azores Sea. “In the next cycle of Community funds, one of the first measures to be implemented by the Azores will be the replacement of the research vessel "Arquipélago" with a... more >>

Information: Approval of maritime space management law is “historic for the Azores,” says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government considered that the approval of the Region's proposal amending the Basic Law on Maritime Spatial Planning and Management at the National Assembly is historic for the Azores, for the autonomous regions and for the country. “This is truly a historic day for the Azores, for the autonomous regions and for our country. What this law establishes is no more and no ... more >>

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