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Informação: Terceira Tech Island with another two companies installed
The Vice-President of the Government opened in Praia da Vitória the facilities of another two technology companies under Terceira Tech Island at a ceremony that highlighted the importance of this project. “Today, Terceira Tech Island is a reference, not as an idea and not as a dream, but rather as a reality” reflected in “more than 140 people who changed their lives and star... Mais >>

Informação: Azores at Web Summit with 30 technology-based companies
The Azores will participate from today until Thursday, November 7, in the Web Summit, the world’s largest technology conference that is taking place at the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) and Altice Arena. The Web Summit is considered the largest technology, entrepreneurship and innovation event in Europe. This edition features 20 scheduled conferences to be followed by 2,000 journalists fro... Mais >>

Informação: Entrepreneurial Education 2020 reaches 41 schools, involving 1,650 students and 70 teachers
The Regional Director for Youth announced in Ponta Delgada that the "Entrepreneurial Education: The Way to Success!” will involve this year nearly 1,650 young people and will be held on all islands of the Azores. Lúcio Rodrigues spoke Tuesday at the presentation of the new edition of this programme, which will take place in 41 schools throughout the archipelago and will involve 70 teach... Mais >>

Informação: Flores entrepreneurs have contributed to development of the island's economy, says Regional Director
The Regional Director for Support to the Investment and Competitiveness highlighted the private investment on Flores Island, adding that the applications submitted under Competir+ incentive system amount to more than 1.3 million Euros of investment, providing for the creation of about two dozen jobs on this island. Ricardo Medeiros spoke Thursday in Santa Cruz das Flores, during a clarification se... Mais >>

Informação: Strong adherence to Competir + already represents 475 million Euros of investment, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government highlighted today the strong adherence of Azorean entrepreneurs to the Competir + incentive system, announcing that almost 1,100 applications have already submitted. They represent an overall investment of nearly 475 million Euros and the creation of more than 2,000 jobs. "These figures evidence this massive adherence of regional companies to Competir +," said Vasco... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro announces "Export Açores" measure to boost exports of regional companies
The President of the Government visited today the Azorean companies featured at SISAB Portugal 2019 - International Trade Fair for Portuguese Food and Beverage taking place in Lisbon. On the occasion, he announced the creation of the "Export Açores" measure under the scope of the strategic goal of boosting regional exports. "The Government will soon launch the 'Export Açores' measure. I... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government promotes business innovation with forums on all islands
The Vice-Presidency of the Government, through the Nonagon Association, will hold the first Innovation Forum on February 22 at the São Miguel Science and Technology Park at 2:30 PM. This initiative is expected to cover the nine islands of the archipelago. The Innovation Forum is intended to promote the importance of investment in this area for business competitiveness, provide information to... Mais >>

Informação: Azores Business Incubator Network already includes about 90 companies
The Azores Business Incubator Network (RIEA) was created by the Regional Government as part of the strategy to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and business competitiveness. It already consists of eight incubators, following its expansion to private business centres and non-profit entities dedicated to the promotion of social entrepreneurship. The occupation capacity is practically exhausted... Mais >>

Informação: Incentive system increasingly boosts private investment in the Azores
The Regional Director for Support to the Investment and Competitiveness stated in Ponta Delgada that the incentive system for business competitiveness - Competir+ has contributed "decisively to the development of the Azores." "On the day marking four years since its entry into force, it is important to highlight that Competir + is the main private support investment tool of the Regional Governmen... Mais >>

Informação: Azores presented themselves as region of opportunities at the 3rd Meeting of Investors of the Diaspora
As part of the strategy to attract foreign investment implemented by the Regional Government, the Azores participate in the 3rd Meeting of Investors of the Diaspora to be held until Saturday in Penafiel, where they presented themselves as "a land of business opportunities" to investors from more than 30 countries. "This meeting allowed us to reiterate the Region as a land of opportunity," said the... Mais >>

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