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Informação: Regional Government requests clarification from the National Government on differential treatment in air transport, says Vasco Cordeiro
The Government of the Azores will request to the National Government a clarification on the differential treatment between the Azores and Madeira in air transport between the two autonomous regions and the Mainland Portugal, announced the President of the Regional Government, Vasco Cordeiro. "There cannot be double standards. We cannot have a certain solution in one Region and different solutions... Mais >>

Informação: Government ensures best response in air cargo transport to all islands, says Isabel Rodrigues
The Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs assured today that the Government of the Azores "has been working in order to provide all islands, without exception, with the best response and improved accessibility" for passengers and air cargo. Speaking at the plenary session of the Regional Assembly, Isabel Rodrigues restated that "the new public service obligation... Mais >>

Informação: COSTA project to enhance position of the Azores in transatlantic maritime links, says Luís Quintanilha
The Regional Director for Transport, Luís Quintanilha, stated Thursday that the implementation of COSTA Project on Terceira Island, a natural gas supply platform for maritime transport between Europe and the USA, will place the Azores in a prominent position in the maritime links between both continents. Luís Quintanilha accompanied the Ambassador of Canada in Portugal at the presentat... Mais >>

Informação: Government wants to extend reforms to maritime transport, says Vasco Cordeiro
For the President of the Government, it is necessary and desirable to extend reforms to maritime transport, seizing the potential of the Sea as a means of communication and as driving force in the progress and development of each island of the archipelago. Like the new air accessibility model to the Region, already implemented, "it is necessary to extend, without fear, the reform to maritime tra... Mais >>

Informação: Vítor Fraga says Horta gateway will provide more 25 thousand seats than in 2014
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport said the Horta gateway will provide, through SATA, more 25 thousand seats than last year. Of the total number of seats, 2,500 will be available in July and August; the latter "are usually the months when most constraints can happen and the flow of passengers is higher." "In addition to the provision of these seats at Horta gateway, we cannot forget... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores takes part in the revision of EU Strategy for Maritime Transport
The Government of the Azores has conveyed to the European Commission its position on the mid-term revision of the EU Strategy on Maritime Transport under the public consultation process that ran until April 22. The Region defends the need to "fully acknowledge" the Atlantic as the western sea border of the European Union. In the document sent to Brussels, the Azorean Government mentions the nece... Mais >>

Informação: "Social mobility allowance is for all Azoreans, regardless of their island of departure," says Luís Quintanilha
The Regional Director for Transport assured today that the new air accessibility model is "the same on all the islands," regardless of the gateway that is used to leave or enter the Azores. Luís Quintanilha also stressed that the "social mobility allowance is for all Azoreans, regardless of their island of depart," rejecting the statements made by the leader of CDS/PP Açores on the al... Mais >>

Informação: New air transport model is the one that best serves the Azores, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government stated today that the new air transport model for the Azores is the one that best serves the Region, ensuring that its Government is committed to improving some aspects to enhance its benefits on all islands. "There is not the slightest doubt that we are committed to improve what is necessary so that this model can bring benefits to all island, despite the differen... Mais >>

Informação: New Povoação Port ensures better safety conditions to fishers and sea-tour operators
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology opened today the new Povoação Port on S. Miguel, a work representing an investment of 4.2 million Euros. Fausto Brito e Abreu stated this infrastructure provides "excellent conditions not only to fishers, but also to other activities, such as recreational fishing, tourism fishing, recreational boating, maritime sports and maritim... Mais >>

Informação: Santa Maria Airport maintains competitiveness for technical stopovers, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government ensured in Vila do Porto that concrete evidence show that Santa Maria Airport maintains its competitiveness for technical stopovers, even after the entry into force of the measures comprised the Economic Revitalisation Plan for Terceira Island (PREIT). "Even under PREIT, no airport fee at Lajes Airport is lower than those in force at Santa Maria Airport," said Vasc... Mais >>

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