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Informação: Problem of supply to Flores was never in the vessels but in Lajes Port, says Ana Cunha
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stated at the Legislative Assembly in Horta that the problem of supply to Flores Island, after the passage of hurricane Lorenzo, "was never in the vessel" but in the Lajes port, which "was destroyed." Ana Cunha pointed out that, due to this situation, on the day after the hurricane struck "we did not even know whether we would have a mooring qu... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government to move forward with procedures for chartering vessel to supply Flores Island
The Regional Government will move forward with the procedures for chartering a vessel in order to guarantee the supply of cargo to the island of Flores. The Maritime Authority has already issued a public notice introducing changes to the operating conditions of Lajes das Flores Port. It stipulates that vessels up 90 metres in length and five metres in draught are now authorised to operate in this ... Mais >>

Informação: Luís Rodrigues is the new Chairman of SATA's Board of Directors
The President of the Government, Vasco Cordeiro, announced to the Legislative Assembly Luís Manuel da Silva Rodrigues as the new Chairman of SATA's Board of Directors, who will be heard, under legal terms, before taking office for these duties From June 2009 to December 2014, Luís Rodrigues held the positions of Executive Director at Holding TAP and TAP S.A., Chairman of the Board of Dir... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government determines end of diesel supply crisis on Flores and Corvo
The Regional Government has determined the end of the energy crisis on the islands of Flores and Corvo as regards the supply of diesel. The Order 1593/2019 of October 3, amended by Order 1757/2019 of October 31, which declared the situation of energy crisis on the islands of Flores and Corvo, will be updated and republished soon in the Official Journal. The amendment, which takes effect as of toda... Mais >>

Informação: Transport and Public Works with investment over 210 million Euros in 2020
The proposed plan of the Regional Secretariat for Transport and Public Works for 2020 provides for an investment over 210 million euros, which will cover maritime, land and air transport, public works and communications. The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stressed in Horta “the continued commitment to the public air transport and maritime transport service with the planned... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro visits Cargo Terminal works to improve export capacity of Terceira and the Azores
The President of the Government began today the Government's three-day visit to Terceira, where he learned about the progress of the construction works of the Cargo Terminal of Lajes Civil Airport, a 4.6 million-Euro investment that will improve the export capacity of this island and the Region as well. “This is a very important work for the economy of Terceira Island, but also in the regio... Mais >>

Informação: Marta Guerreiro expresses satisfaction for Ryanair's new London-Terceira route in 2020
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism expressed “great satisfaction” today for the announcement of Ryanair's new international route from London to Terceira Island in 2020. “This is the first route ever from the British market to this island, and so, as we have been showing, we believe 2020 will be a good year for tourism on Terceira Island,” stated Mar... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government and SATA work on a daily basis "towards stabilisation of the company," ensures Ana Cunha
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stated today at the Legislative Assembly in Horta that the Regional Government has made the commitment to “provide SATA Group with the necessary tools to fulfil its corporate purpose of better serving the Azoreans." According to her, "this has been one of the great challenges of this legislative term." Ana Cunha assured that the Regional ... Mais >>

Informação: Ana Cunha requested ANA Aeroportos the proper assessment to define the terms for the expansion and upgrading of Horta Airport
Ana Cunha spoke Thursday in Lisbon at the end of a meeting with members of the Board of Directors of ANA/Vinci. On the occasion, she pointed out that it is necessary to “perceive how the company regards this investment, seeing that it is of paramount importance to the safety and quality of service provided by the company in this infrastructure." In statements to journalists, the Secretary fo... Mais >>

Informação: Public tender for upgrading of Furnas-Povoação road launched at the beginning of next year, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Regional Government announced today the launch, at the beginning of next year, of the public tender for the upgrading of the road between Furnas and Povoação, a “structuring" investment for accessibility in this municipality of S. Miguel Island. “The environmental impact study and the preliminary study have already been completed. We expect that the impl... Mais >>

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