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Informação: Bull Drill to test response capacity of Civil Protection Agents in seismic crisis scenario, says President of SRPCBA
The President of the Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service (SRPCBA) stated today that the Bull18 Drill, to be held between September 20 and 24, will test the effectiveness of various Civil Protection agents in situations of major accident or catastrophe. Carlos Neves spoke at a press conference for the presentation of the drill, which is the largest organised by the Azores Regional Civ... Mais >>

Informação: "Alert4You" electronic platform to improve communications and increase dissemination of information and alerts, says Regional Director
The launch of the Alert4You electronic platform will "enhance the efficiency of communications as well as to increase the dissemination of information and alerts related to situations that may compromise the safety of the population" in Azores, Madeira and the Canaries, the three regions involved in the project, assured the Regional Director for Public Works and Communications. Frederico Sousa spo... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government invests over 2.2 million Euros in new Fire Station on Faial
The Regional Secretary for Health stated in Horta that the investment in the new Fire Station on Faial Island is a commitment taken by the Regional Government to Faial islanders, representing an investment over 2.2 million Euros. "The association is following a series of administrative procedures. We will have all the procedural documents prepared to launch the competition by July so that the work... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Civil Protection Emergency Plan of the Azores under public consultation in May
The Regional Secretary for Health announced at the Legislative Assembly that, after consulting civil protection agents, the Regional Civil Protection Emergency Plan of the Azores will be under public consultation in May. "The updating of the current plan was a priority of this Government. It took about a year and three months to be drafted and, at the moment, it has been completed," said Rui Lu&#... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Civil Protection Emergency Plan already submitted for opinion to partner entities, announces Rui Luís
The Regional Secretary for Health announced in Ponta Delgada that the Regional Civil Protection Emergency Plan has been completed since the end of March and has already been submitted for opinion to the agents of the sector. "This plan was one of the Regional Government's priorities and we are here to demonstrate that it is ready and about to enter the consultation phase," said Rui Luís. He ... Mais >>

Informação: Ambulance Relief Crew Course "requires strong commitment and dedication," says President of SRPCBA
The President of the Azores Regional Civil Protection and Fire Service (SRPCBA) highlighted in Angra do Heroísmo the importance of the Relief Ambulance Crew Course for the qualification of personnel in an area that deals with "the rescue and transportation of victims of sudden illness or trauma." Carlos Neves spoke at the opening of this year's course, stressing that this "five-week training ... Mais >>

Informação: Azorean Firefighters selected for National Trauma Championship
The 6th Regional Trauma Championship - Islands 2018, held in Madeira during the weekend, featured the participation of five Azorean teams, four of which were selected for the National Trauma Championship. In the Standard Test, Faial Volunteer Firefighters won first place. In turn, B team of Praia da Vitória fire brigade came in second and the team of São Roque do Pico fire brigade came ... Mais >>

Informação: Revision of Civil Protection Emergency Plan has been ongoing for a year and will be approved soon, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Regional Government announced today that the revision of the Regional Civil Protection Emergency Plan, which has been ongoing for a year, is already in the process of being concluded. It is expected to be approved by the Council of the Government in April. "We are about to conclude this internal work, which will soon be submitted for opinion to a group of entities. We believe... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government promotes pioneering course for Civil Protection municipal agents
The Regional Secretary for Health participated in Angra do Heroísmo in the beginning of the Course on Civil Protection Planning and Emergency Management, a pioneering training course directed to local Civil Protection agents. "In each municipality, municipal services are the entities endowed with management powers in the event of a catastrophe and, therefore, there should be an efficient coo... Mais >>

Informação:  Regional Government monitors evolution of seismic crisis on São Miguel
The Regional Government is monitoring the evolution of seismic events that have been occurring since the early hours of yesterday morning on the island of São Miguel. The Regional Secretary for Health, Rui Luís, and the Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Ana Cunha, visited the Centre for Information and Seismovolcanic Surveillance of the Azores (CIVISA) in Ponta Delgada ... Mais >>

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