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Informação: Government maintains control of flights from third countries to avoid phytosanitary risks
The Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry, through the Regional Directorate for Agriculture, maintains control of flights from third countries to the Azores in order to avoid phytosanitary risks by improper introduction of plants, vegetable products or other materials. In order to comply with existing Community regulations on plant health issues concerning the minimisation of risks ari... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities implements Electronic Complaints Book
The Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities is the first inspection entity in the Azores to implement the LRE - Electronic Complaints Book, available at the address The implementation of the Electronic Complaints Book has been mandatory since July and, for that reason, regional economic operators should follow the steps defined in the Support Handbook - Econo... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities supervises festivities and summer festivals
The Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IRAE), a supervisory entity under the administration of the Vice-presidency of the Government, has already conducted 593 inspections during festivities and summer festivals in the archipelago of the Azores. Only two situations of non-compliance were identified in the scope of these actions, both on Terceira Island, which concerned the lack of prior... Mais >>

Informação: Workshop on food security brings together 120 economic operators
The Vice-Presidency of the Government of the Azores promotes a workshop on "HACCP and Associated Flexibility" in Ponta Delgada on September 6 and 7. There are already 120 registered economic operators. HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is a system of hazard analysis and control of critical points created to prevent risks to consumers in terms of food safety. The mandatory impleme... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities carried out more than 4,400 inspection actions in 2017
The Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IRAE), an administrative authority under the jurisdiction of the Vice-Presidency of the Government, carried out 4,406 inspection actions last year. In this regard, 52% were conducted under the operational plans outlined by the services and 41% resulted from enquiry procedures following complaints made by consumers. According to the Activity Report... Mais >>

Informação:  Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities and Labour participate in sessions for catering and hospitality sector
The Regional Inspectorates of Economic Activities (IRAE) and Labour (IRT) will promote, together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada (CCIPD), information and clarification sessions in the areas of occupational risks, food safety and economic rules for the catering and hospitality sector. The first session will focus on occupational risks in the catering and hotel sector. I... Mais >>

Informação: Submission of complaint sheets can now be made on IRAE Portal
Economic operators in the Azores will be able to submit the complaint sheets through the portal of the Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IRAE). In order to do so, they must use the button "submit complaint sheet," which is already available on IRAE website at After submitting the requested information and a scan of the complaint sheet in pdf format, a submissi... Mais >>

Informação: Inspections on food safety, public health and consumer rights grew 20.54% in 2016
The inspection actions carried out by the Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IRAE), the administrative authority supervised by the Government Vice-Presidency, registered a growth of 20.54% in 2016 compared to the previous year, covering 93% of Azorean villages. According to the Activity Report, these inspection actions covered the areas of food and economic safety. As for food safety ... Mais >>

Informação: Region to make up national Anti-Counterfeiting Group through IRAE
The Azores, through the Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities, an entity under the administration of Vice-Presidency of the Government, has joined the Anti-Counterfeiting Group promoted by INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property in order to increase the effectiveness of the fight against the damaging effects of the shadow economy in companies as well as of consumer protection. Pate... Mais >>

Informação: IRAE carried out over 1,700 inspections to combat parallel economy
The Regional Inspectorate of Economic Activities (IRAE) has conducted 1,706 inspections under the Operation Plan to Combat Parallel Economy, an initiative implemented by the Government of the Azores. According to this plan, the main goals for 2013 concerned the implementation of an educational action in the sectors where this phenomenon tends to occur more frequently and the targeting of 60 percen... Mais >>

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