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Informação: Regional Government defends maintenance of Santa Catarina plant on São Jorge, says Gui Menezes
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology restated at the Legislative Assembly in Horta that the Regional Government "has always defended the importance of Santa Catarina plant for São Jorge and for the municipality of Calheta." On the occasion, he added that this importance is evidenced by the purchase of this cannery by Lotaçor in 2009, "precisely to safeguard jobs "an... Mais >>

Informação: Application period for Use&Abuse contest extended until January 13
The deadline for submission of applications for the creative contest "Use&Abuse" was extended until January 13, thus giving participants more time to organise their ideas and projects. Arising from the Azores Creative Industry Platform (PICA) project, the application period for the first phase dedicated to rocks opened on November 19. The initiative includes four creativity contests based on four... Mais >>

Informação: "Azores Brand World" premieres Monday on SIC Internacional
Under the partnership with SIC Internacional, established since 2015, the Vice-Presidency of the Government, through SDEA - Society for Business Development of the Azores, promotes the airing of the first season of "Azores Brand World" from Monday, September 17, joining the celebrations of the 21st anniversary of this television station. After being featured in "Alô Portugal" and being shot ... Mais >>

Informação: Gui Menezes highlights Regional Government's commitment to support COFACO workers on Pico and construction of new plant
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stated in Horta that the report prepared by the Working Group of the Committee on Economic Affairs to assess the impact of the closure of COFACO plant on Pico "evidences the Regional Government's commitment" to support workers and the investment in the new tuna processing plant. Gui Menezes stated that the Regional Secretariat for Sea, Sci... Mais >>

Informação: Construction works of Centre for Business Development and Innovation began on Santa Maria
The Vice-President of the Government announced that the rehabilitation and adaptation works of ANA's former General Workshops, located within Santa Maria Airport, to the Business Incubator of the Centre for Business Development and Innovation began Monday with the signing of the contract work assignment, Sérgio Ávila stressed that the project "will contribute to boost local economic act... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro highlights economic dynamics across several sectors of activity
The President of the Government of the Azores stated today that dynamics of the regional economy goes well beyond tourism, pointing out the growth in private investment projects that have applied for Competir+ incentive scheme. "Three years after the implementation of Competir+, we have about 815 projects submitted that represent nearly 346 million Euros in private investment under this incentive... Mais >>

Informação: Situation of COFACO workers demands transparency and clarification from the company, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government assured today that the Government has followed "very closely and very carefully" the situation of the COFACO workers on the island of Pico, but warned that the company must adopt a position of total transparency and clarification during this process. "Firstly, as it is known, the Regional Government has been following this matter from the very beginning in order t... Mais >>

Informação:  Regional Government follows closely construction process of new COFACO plant on Pico
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stated in Ponta Delgada that the application of COFACO for Community funds to the construction of a new plant on Pico Island was submitted on December 20, 2017, ruling out any eventual relocation. Asked by journalists, Gui Menezes stated that his department is "in a position to evaluate the project," adding that this assessment will be car... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government promotes 4th edition of "AçorExpo" 2017 fair
The Regional Government of the Azores promotes the 4th edition of the "AçorExpo" fair at Portas do Mar (Sea Gateways) in Ponta Delgada, from tomorrow until Sunday, September 10, with the aim of enhancing the visibility of regional products and services as well as its consumption and acquisition in domestic and foreign markets. This event is part of the "Azores Export 2017" plan. The initiati... Mais >>

Informação: João Ponte to meet with Sinaga workers in October
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry announced today that he will meet with Sinaga workers in October to inform them about the future of this sugar refinery, assuring that the Regional Government is working towards a solution intended to maintain the company rather than closing it. "I expect to meet with Sinaga workers during the month of October. They will be the first to know the... Mais >>

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