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Informação: Government promotes energy efficiency and encourages electric mobility through protocols with municipalities
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism defended on Faial the Regional Government's efforts to promote energy efficiency and boost electric mobility. In this regard, she stressed the importance of municipalities to implement "a strategy that follows a path of sustainability in which all play an active role." Marta Guerreiro spoke at the signing of a protocol with Horta City Coun... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government promotes information session on document for discussion under 2030 Energy Strategy
The Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism, through the Regional Directorate for Energy, will hold two information sessions on the Document for Public Discussion under the 2030 Azorean Energy Strategy (EAE 2030) to take place on October 29 and 31. The initiative is aimed at technical staff, managers and entrepreneurs, regional public administration, municipalities and the public ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government boosts electric mobility through concession of charging stations
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stressed today that the implementation of a network of fast charging stations for electric mobility is "a further step" to meet the "European commitments undertaken by the Region to reinforce the weight of renewable and endogenous energy sources in the energy production system." Marta Guerreiro spoke in Ponta Delgada at the signing ceremon... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government leverages research and development projects in energy
The Regional Director for Science and Technology stressed in Ribeira Grande that the Azores are "one of the world's most exploitable geothermal resources in the world," along with countries such as Iceland, New Zealand and Japan or the United States. According to him, it is necessary to harness the Region's potential in this area "to generate knowledge and wealth." Bruno Pacheco spoke on the sidel... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Director for Energy stresses importance of maximising inclusion of renewable energy sources in the Azores
The Regional Director for Energy stressed today in Lisbon the importance of "maximising the inclusion of renewable energy sources into the power production system" of the Azores, which currently exceeds 41%. According to Andreia Carreiro, it is fundamental to participate "in international discussions, with special emphasis on emerging practices in this area, a key element for the implementation of... Mais >>

Informação: Marta Guerreiro stresses the importance of simplifying procedures in gas installations
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stressed today the importance of adapting the legal scheme on gas installations in properties in the Azores by "speeding up" and "simplifying" procedures that represent "unnecessary and increased costs" for consumers. The decision also "considers the specificities of the Region" and the "safety of the population." Marta Guerreiro spoke t... Mais >>

Informação: Energy Managers course promotes energy efficiency in the public sector
The Regional Director for Energy stressed today the importance of the Public Building Energy Managers Course, considering that it "addresses the needs of a rigorous management of the energy resources consumed by the regional public sector." Andreia Carreiro spoke at the opening of this course in Ponta Delgada, adding that an identical initiative will be held "on the island of Terceira in September... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Directorate for Energy promotes participation of industrial sector in defining energy policy
The Regional Director stressed this afternoon the importance of "promoting the active participation of the industrial fabric in defining the energy policy of the Azores. She spoke during a visit to three industrial units on São Miguel Island in the context of the Azorean Strategy for Energy 2030 (EAE 2030). "It is precisely with the goal of outlining a robust regional energy policy under EAE ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Director for Energy stresses importance of strengthening European cooperation in this sector
The Regional Director for Energy stressed the importance of reinforcing the cooperation, positioning and importance of the Azores and the Outermost Regions for the energy transition in the European Union, noting that this is a "particularly dynamic and technologically advanced sector." Andreia Carreiro spoke on the sidelines of the 13th EU Sustainable Energy Week, an event that brought together po... Mais >>

Informação: Cooperation with Association of Energy and Environment Agencies promotes energy efficiency in the Azores, says Regional Director
The Regional Director for Energy stated in Lisbon that the collaboration protocol signed today between the Regional Government and the Association of Energy and Environment Agencies (RNAE) aims to promote energy efficiency in the archipelago. Andreia Carreiro pointed out that the protocol presents "specific goals in terms of promoting energy efficiency, namely through a behavioural change in the r... Mais >>

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