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Informação: Leaving no one behind is the Regional Government's point of honour, says Sérgio Ávila
The Vice-President of the Government stated that "leaving no one behind" is the Government's "point of honour," which is why it considered the fight against unemployment as the "top priority for this term." Speaking at the Legislative Assembly during a questioning on occupational programmes, Sérgio Ávila pointed out that it was also for this reason that the Government of the Azores has c... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Director for Employment discusses in Brussels good practices of the Azorean Government to combat youth unemployment
The Regional Director for Employment and Vocational Training, Ilda Baptista, participates in the Seminar on Employment in the Outermost Regions that is taking place until tomorrow in Brussels. In this seminar, organised by the European Commission, Ilda Baptista has already delivered a paper in a round table on youth employment in these regions. In her speech, the Regional Director presented severa... Mais >>

Informação: Training for employability has yielded good results, said Sérgio Ávila
The Vice-President of the Government stressed in Angra do Heroísmo the importance of "training and the creation of new opportunities for employment" in the effort to combat unemployment. Sérgio Ávila spoke at the delivery ceremony of the Acquisition of Basic Skills (ABC) diplomas, revealing that "the efforts carried out under this perspective" have contributed to the sharp reduction... Mais >>

Informação: Number of registered unemployed in the Azores is the lowest of the last 39 months
The Vice-President of the Government highlighted the fact that the Azores have registered in the end of January 2016, "the lowest number of unemployed of the past 39 months." Commenting on the statistical information released by the National Government, through the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training Institute, Sérgio Ávila stressed that the Region "has been assuring a sustai... Mais >>

Informação: Azores register sharpest the decrease in the annual unemployment rate and the largest growth of the working population over the last 13 years
The Vice-President of the Government highlighted today the fact that the Region registered the most significant reduction in the annual unemployment in country in the end of third quarter 2015; it stood at 12.1 percent, representing a drop of 3.6 percentage points in comparison to the same period in 2014. Sérgio Ávila mentioned the latest data from the National Statistics Institute (... Mais >>

Informação: Promotion of employability is "crucial" to the success of mental health policies, says Andreia Cardoso
The Regional Secretary for Social Solidarity stated in Ponta Delgada that the promotion of inclusion through employability is a "key" condition for the success of policies in the area of mental health. "We work to detect these diseases at an early stage, we provide support, we fight for inclusion and against discrimination, we stimulate participation and promote employability; the latter being a ... Mais >>

Informação: Beginning of 901 traineeships for young Azoreans demonstrates success of "Estagiar" Programme, says Sérgio Ávila
The Vice-President of the Government announced in Angra do Heroísmo that the first phase of "Estagiar L" and "Estagiar T" programmes will begin on October 01. A total of 901 trainees were admitted in this year's edition. Sérgio Ávila also revealed that among the trainees admitted to regional companies and institutions, 378 are university graduates or postgraduate and 523 are youn... Mais >>

Informação: PROSA programme extended to people aged over 45 years
The Government of the Azores has decided to revise the Occupational Programme - PROSA by simplifying and extending the scope of its recipients, namely those aged 45 or more. The changes introduced now contained in a resolution published today in the Official Journal and aim to allow a greater number of people have access to an occupational nature program whose main objective is the maintenance o... Mais >>

Informação: Number of registered unemployed in the Azores drops in July and is the lowest in the last 34 months
According to the newsletter released by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training of the National Government, the number of unemployed registered at regional employment centres dropped again in July. "In the end of July, the Azores recorded the lowest number of registered unemployed in the last 34 months," stressed the Vice-President of the Regional Government. Sérgio Ávila ex... Mais >>

Informação: Medals of Excellence at WorldSkills are the result of the investment in training, says Sérgio Ávila
The Vice-President of the Government conveyed today his "great satisfaction" with the good results achieved by two young Azorean participants at the WorldSkills, where they won the Medal of Excellence in their areas of expertise. Sérgio Ávila, who congratulated participants, teachers and the Azores School of New Technologies, stated that “the results achieved in Brazil cannot be ... Mais >>

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