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Informação: Avelino Meneses restates Regional Government's priority in the fight against truancy
The Regional Secretary for Education and Culture stated today that the school "cannot neglect" its educational and social missions during the pandemic situation. Avelino Meneses spoke by video conference at the PIC Meeting - Partnership for Community Intervention for Educational Success "School, Community, Family." On the occasion, he stressed that the school, in addition to its action with fami... Mais >>

Informação: Financial support for displaced students reached 417 young Azoreans
The Regional Government has given financial aid to 417 displaced Azorean students in the months of April, May and June, as part of the exceptional support measures created during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has created this extraordinary support for the Azorean students who remained outside their island of residence, supporting the accommodation and food costs. The aid ranged from 10... Mais >>

Informação: IdeiAçores 2020 Competition confirms great entrepreneurial potential of young Azoreans, says Regional Director for Youth
The Regional Director for Youth stated that the IdeiAçores 2020 Competition “confirms the great entrepreneurial potential of young Azoreans.” Lúcio Rodrigues spoke Wednesday at the opening session of this year's edition of the initiative, which took place, for the first time, online, following the pandemic of COVID-19. On the occasion, he greeted the more than 2,000 young A... Mais >>

Informação: "Entrepreneurial Education: The Way to Success" project involved more than 2,000 young people and 41 schools in the Azores this year
The "Entrepreneurial Education: The Way to Success" project, an initiative developed by the Regional Government, reached this year more than two thousand young Azoreans, 66 teachers and 41 schools, involving students from middle school to secondary school as well as vocational training schools. The Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs stressed that, “eve... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government follows exam procedures for Azorean university students
The Regional Government, through the Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs, has been monitoring and following the procedures adopted by higher education institutions where Azorean students are enrolled, so as to ensure that they are not prejudiced in their assessment due to constraints caused by the pandemic. “The Regional Government provides the student ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government promotes reading habits with "Azores Reading" programme
The Regional Secretary for Education and Culture stated in Ponta Delgada that the regional reading programme designated as "Azores Reading," which congregates the Regional Reading Plan, the Public Reading Network and the Network of Regional School Libraries, is a plan "against illiteracy." Avelino Meneses spoke at the presentation of this programme aimed at improving the strategy of ProSucesso -... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro to address health, employment and economy on next week's meetings
The President of the Government stated the meetings to be held next week with representatives of various sectors are intended to follow up the process towards the end of confinement and the recovery taking place in the Region following the COVID-19 pandemic. "This series of contacts aims to follow up the recovery process that is under way in a variety of sectors, not only with the awareness of w... Mais >>

Informação: Avelino Meneses points out that school dropout rate in regular education is residual in the Azores
The Regional Secretary for Education and Culture stated at the Legislative Assembly that the dropout rate in regular education in the Azores registered over the last seven years, despite fluctuations in some levels of education, is "residual, standing at about 0.5 percentage points." "Since 1991, we have been the national region that has seen the greatest reduction in the number of individuals w... Mais >>

Informação: Avelino Meneses says it is time for education to prepare post-pandemic period
The Regional Secretary for Education and Culture said at the Legislative Assembly that "it is time to prepare the period" post COVID-19 pandemic. "In education, this involves the development of distance learning as an alternative to the traditional face-to-face method," said Avelino Meneses, who spoke Thursday, by video conference, during the discussion of the draft resolutions presented by diff... Mais >>

Informação: Financial support for displaced Azorean students already covered 240 students
The complementary and temporary support for Azorean students displaced from their island of residence has already covered 240 students. So far, 286 applications have been submitted; among them, 240 are already processed while the remaining are under analysis or in the process of information collection. This support measure was created by the Regional Government to support displaced students wh... Mais >>

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