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Informação: Government of the Azores grants additional support of 255 thousand Euros for maintenance of vineyards
The ordinance regulating the allocation of additional regional support, up to 255 thousand Euros, for producers who applied in 2017 for the Maintenance of Vineyards for the Production of Wines bearing the Designation of Origin (DO) and the Geographical Indication (GI) certifications under the POSEI programme was published today in the Official Journal. The Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government supports farmers in purchasing animal feed due to drought
The first ordinance granting an additional support for the purchase of 10,000 tonnes of fibrous concentrate, straw and hay to feed cattle in regional farms was published today in the Official Journal. The allocation of support follows the severe drought hitting the archipelago of the Azores, which has significantly affected the production of food. The ordinance issued by the Regional Secretariat ... Mais >>

Informação: New facilities of Winery and Agricultural Cooperative reinforce competitiveness of Graciosa, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government opened Wednesday the new facilities of Graciosa Winery and Agricultural Cooperative, an investment of about 1.4 million Euros that Vasco Cordeiro considered the "beginning of a new path" to boost the competitiveness of the island's agriculture and production fabric. "Due to this 1.4 million-Euro investment, supported by the Azorean Government under ProRural, the is... Mais >>

Informação: New slaughterhouse is very important to boost growth of meat sector on Graciosa, said João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated today that the new Graciosa's new Slaughterhouse, with an estimated budget of 5.4 million Euros, is a "very important" infrastructure to further boost the growth of the meat sector on Graciosa and it the Region. It also plays an important role in the creation of more jobs, generation of wealth and the development of the economy. "This is ... Mais >>

Informação: João Ponte highlights work towards recovery of vineyards and production of wines of excellence
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry highlighted today the work towards the recovery of vineyards and the production of wines of excellence in the Azores, a sector with great potential for growth on several islands. "There has been a great deal of work towards the recovery of vineyards on Graciosa Island. It has a great potential to continue growing in terms of area on this island ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional agriculture has great potential to attract new investors, says Regional Director for Rural Development
The Regional Director for Rural Development stated today in Praia da Vitória that agriculture, one of the main pillars of the regional economy, has a great potential to attract new investors. Fernando Sousa pointed out that the quality of agricultural production, its visibility, consumer acceptance of products, animal well-being and health are strengths that boost the growth of the agricultu... Mais >>

Informação: Azorean Government and Agricultural Federation meet to move forward with measures to minimise losses caused by drought
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry announced today that he will meet this week with the Azorean Agricultural Federation in order to move forward with measures to minimise losses that the drought hitting the archipelago will cause among farmers. "The situation is very complex. The degree of difficulty differs from island to island, but I would say that there are cases on all islan... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government urges European institutions to be coherent in words and actions regarding POSEI
The Regional Director for Rural Development urged European institutions in Brussels to be coherent in their words and actions, highlighting the importance of POSEI in the development of agriculture in Outermost Regions, such as the Azores. "What we ask from these European institutions is the coherence in both their words and their actions. The budget of the Common Agricultural Policy for 2021-2027... Mais >>

Informação: João Ponte challenges young Santa Maria islanders to invest more in the agricultural sector
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stressed the economic importance of agriculture on Santa Maria Island and challenged young people to invest more in this sector, which generates employment and wealth. "We are developing the Young Farmer Programme in order to facilitate the entry of young people into the regional agricultural sector, thus consolidating the rejuvenation that has b... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government launches public tender for forest road on Terceira Island
The Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry, through the Regional Directorate for Forest Resources, published in the Official Journal the public tender for the repaving of Ramada Forest Road on Terceira Island. The contract work has a base price of 166 thousand Euros. With an extension of about 2,014 metres, this road is located in the villages of Cinco Ribeiras and Santa Bárbara i... Mais >>

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