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Regional Directorate for Education

 The Regional Directorate for Education (DRE) is the Regional Secretariat for Education and Science department responsible for planning, supervising, coordinating and assessing the regional education system, specifically by:


a)   Ensuring the implementation of the policy defined for the education system and the proper functioning of schools;

b)   Programming and promoting the development of the education system;

c)   Promoting curriculum development and accommodating the education system to the specific requirements of the region;

d)   Promoting an monitoring assessment of the education system and schools;

e)   Promoting quality in teaching materials and proceeding, when necessary, with their evaluation;

f)   Supervising, coordinating and assessing the pedagogical, administrative, financial and assets management of educational establishments, schools and any other existing or future services under its authority;

g)   Promoting the gathering and processing of information and its subsequent analysis and dissemination, with a view to planning, directing and assessing education policies;

h)   Producing the education statistics which the regional government is obliged to provide;

i)   Coordinating and supporting training for teaching and non-teaching staff;

j)   Ensuring the integrated management of all personnel in its services and supervising recruitment and selection procedures;

k)   Programming and supervising operations relating to educational equipment and regularly assessing school stocks;

l)   Identifying educational infrastructure needs and planning and executing building and maintenance work;

m)   Ensuring the implementation of the investment plan proposing any necessary readjustments;

n)   Preparing proposals for the annual and medium-term plan and budget proposals;

o)   Ensuring the proper functioning of the various forms of adult education, from the perspective of lifelong learning;

p)   Coordinating and supporting private and cooperative education, including pre-school establishments dependent on voluntary organisations;

q)   Studying and proposing innovation that aim to rationalise resources and increase educational success.


The Regional Directorate for Education includes technical and instrumental services:

        Technical support -NIT (IT and Telecommunications Centre); 

        Instrumental support - SAA (Administrative Support Section); 
        Operational services:

a)   Pedagogical Services Directorate (DSP)

b)  Human Resources Directorate (DSRH) 

c)  Financial Services and Equipment Directorate (DSFE) 

Constitutive Documents:

The structure and responsibilities of the Regional Directorate for Education are defined in Articles 9 to 24 of the organisational structure of the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture, approved by Regional Implementing Decree no. 27/2003/A of 28 August.

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