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Photo of the Coordinator of the Official Gazette Office

Pedro Miguel Soares Alves dos Santos

Born on: 12/7/1963

Academic qualifications:
Completed 3rd year of Law course at the University of Lisbon Law Faculty. 

Professional experience:
Began working for the Azores Press Office in 1989, recording radio and television news, sending faxes and inviting journalists to report on ministerial actions. Later began to produce news on the activities of regional government bodies and reporting on activities and facts of interest to the Azores. At the same time, began to produce work publicising legislation published in the Autonomous Region of the Azores Official Journal.

In 1992 changed from a technical-professional to a technical career, under the terms of Regional Implementing Decree no. 37/92/A of 19 August. In 1993, due to work demands, began working in the former Official Journal support service. Initially, he was solely responsible for assessing legal corrections to legislation forwarded by the various local and regional administration departments, issuing publication orders and issuing opinions on the Journal. He was also responsible for contacts with the public using these services and with the company which, at the time, constituted the Official Journal. His duties also included providing information on the work of the department and any purchases of materials. In a second phase, he coordinated the service, in conjunction with the then Advisor to the President of the Government. In 1996, coinciding with a change of government, he drew up the entire proceedings for the reformulation of the contract to produce, lay out, proofread, print, bind and distribute the Official Journal.

During the same period, he produced series of information sheets for new staff explaining the work of the Official Journal Department. During this time he was a member of various committees involved in receiving and analysing proposals associated with public contract tenders for the work of producing the Official Journal. He supervises the entire production process for the Official Journal and assesses any penalties that may be applied for failure to meet deadlines or printing and layout errors. In 1998 he was one of the interlocutors for the process of launching the Official Journal on the Internet, proposing suggestions and contributing towards providing some solutions for this new phase in the work of the department.

On 31 August 1998 he was appointed coordinator of the Official Journal Office in an order issued by the President of the Government. As coordinator of the Official Journal Office, he has been responsible for changing working methods, namely by introducing electronic mail and establishing new methods for forwarding legislation to the Official Journal .

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