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Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry


 The Azorean territory is predominantly rural. Its agricultural and forest activities are closely related to the organisation of land use, landscape and the enhancement of natural resources.
Agriculture has always been a fundamental pillar of the Azorean economy as a sector that plays a key role in food production, wealth generation and job creation on all islands.
The potential of traditional activities, such as milk and meat production, is increasingly associated with the growth of agricultural diversification and organic farming, without forgetting the development of the wine sector. All this has contributed to a more vibrant, modern and proactive sector.
Public policies pursued in this area are aimed at promoting rejuvenation as well as the modernisation of farms and agricultural infrastructures in terms of rural roads, electricity and water supply. They are also intended to improve the qualification of all agents involved in the sector in order to increase their income and the sustainability of the sector.
The Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry will continue to invest in the regional slaughter network, genetic enhancement, animal welfare and food safety as well as in the modernisation of the milk and meat sectors as the main pillars of the regional agricultural activity.
The Azores are synonymous with nature; they are the shades of green of pastures and forests. With more than 72 thousand hectares, regional forests have a huge export potential. In this context, it is up to the Regional Secretariat to define policies for the protection of our forests while making them more economically attractive, generating more business and jobs.
In short, the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the definition of policies in the following areas: agricultural and livestock, rural development, agricultural training and rural extension, management and promotion of forest and hunting resources, diversification and development of regional production.
We work on a daily basis to implement the best public policies in these areas.

João Ponte
Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry
João António Ferreira Ponte



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Dependent Services:

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   Regional Directorate for Agriculture >>
   Regional Directorate for Rural Development >>
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Phone: (+351) 292 207 300

Fax: (+351) 292 292 004

Rua Cônsul Dabney  - Colónia Alemã
Apartado 140
P-9900-014 HORTA

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