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Velas ,  January 22, 2019

Investment of 23 million Euros in Velas Port benefits São Jorge's population and economy, says Vasco Cordeiro

The President of the Government opened today the redevelopment and expansion works of Velas Port, a 23 million-Euro investment, where he called for public and private entities of São Jorge to make this infrastructure "a modern and effective tool" at the service of the island's development.
"The challenge has been launched and lies in front of entrepreneurs, farmers, industries, municipalities and, of course, the Government: the Velas Commercial Port is a modern and efficient tool for the development of São Jorge," said Vasco Cordeiro.
At the beginning of the Government's statutory visit to the island, the President of the Government stressed that, due this significant new investment, São Jorge now has a modern, functional and efficient port structure to serve its population and its economy as regards the transport of passengers and goods.
In this context, Vasco Cordeiro recalled the construction of a roll on/roll off ramp in 2012. This investment of nearly one million Euros enabled the operation of ferry vessels in this port and, consequently, improved the transport of passengers and vehicles, including some cargo, on the "Triangle" islands (São Jorge, Pico and Faial) in terms of convenience and speed.
Additionally, the construction of a new and modern Passenger Terminal, which entered into operation at the beginning of 2018, ensured levels of comfort, while reinforcing the safety conditions of this operation.
The third component is now completed with the works for the expansion of the commercial dock by more than 150 metres and the expansion of the embankment by 2200 metres. The intervention also covered technical networks, namely drinking water, saltwater for fire suppression, electricity and lighting, in addition to the construction of a workshop, a warehouse and a garage for machinery.
"As a direct and immediate result of this investment, the island of São Jorge now has a commercial port that allows the operation of two vessels simultaneously, with reinforced safety conditions for the transport of passengers and vehicles in ferry vessels; the latter may also operate at the same time as commercial vessels," said Vasco Cordeiro.
In his speech, the President of the Government stressed, on the other hand, the public investment made by the Regional Government on the island of São Jorge in various areas
"There are ongoing works in Calheta Health Centre, and we will launch works to be carried out in Velas Health Centre. There are planned interventions for regional roads, agricultural roads and coastal roads, such as the case of the space adjacent to Santa Catarina Field Game. Moreover, there are ongoing works in Calheta School, Francisco de Lacerda Museum and in "Santa Casa da Misericórdia" of Porto do Tempo and in Velas Cold Storage Units, among other interventions," stated the government official.
According to him, it is necessary to have a permanent perspective to regard the implementation of the investment, not as mere expenditure of money but as useful investment that will contribute to the well-being of populations, the development of the Region and the proper use of Azorean funds.
"The decision to invest this amount in this work is based on the strong belief that this investment can become a tool and a driving force in economic development and, consequently, in wealth generation and employment creation on São Jorge and in the Azores," said the government official.
In this regard, Vasco Cordeiro expressed, on behalf of the Government, the total confidence in the ability of São Jorge islanders to provide a positive response in these areas, pointing out examples of growth verified in various areas.
"In 2009, the Velas Commercial Port registered the loading of 6,800 tonnes of goods.  The latest statistical data show that more than 10,000 tonnes of goods were loaded in 2017, corresponding to a growth of about 50 percent.  During the same time period, the quantity of goods unloaded decreased from 67 to 64 thousand," noted Vasco Cordeiro.
The export of bovine carcasses is also particularly significant, the President of the Government mentioned, adding that 516 carcasses of bovine animals were exported from São Jorge in 2009 while the figures rose to 2,715 in 2017, a growth of almost 500 percent.
Moreover, the passenger movement in Velas stood at about 64 thousand passengers in 2009 and increased to 100 thousand passengers in 2017, which represents a growth of 53 percent.
"Hence, the entrepreneurial skills, the capacity for achievement and the willingness to overcome challenges demonstrated in this partnership between public and private entities have led the island of São Jorge to achieve these impressive figures," concluded Vasco Cordeiro.


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