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Informação: Regional Government approves investment projects that will create more than 60 jobs
The Government of the Azores announced today the approved of another four investment projects under the incentive scheme SIDER, which will allow the creation of more than sixty jobs on several islands. The decision was taken by the Council of the Government that met in Santa Cruz da Flores under the Regional Government’s statutory visit to the island of Flores, which ends today. Appro... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government reinforces lines of credit to support companies
The Vice-President of the Regional Government announced today in Ponta Delgada new measures to support businesspeople in the archipelago with the aim of revitalising and relaunching Azorean economy. Sérgio Ávila spoke at the signing ceremony of the protocols with banks for the lines of credit to support companies. The government official restated the Regional Government's commitment wi... Mais >>

Informação: New generation of incentives available to businesspeople from January 2014, announced Vasco Cordeiro
The Regional Government will present the legal framework for the new generation of incentive schemes at the Legislative Assembly later this year so that Azorean businesspeople may apply for the new support measures to investments from January 1, 2014, announced the President of the Government. "Contrary to what happened in the past, the Government intends to present the new legal framework fo... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Under Secretary of the Presidency for External Relations highlights Government's investment to support private media
The Regional Under Secretary of the Presidency for External Relations stressed on Wednesday the Government's commitment to support private media, taking into consideration "the relevant public interest of promoting a plural and dynamic media in the Region." Rodrigo Oliveira spoke at the end of a hearing at the Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, Environment and Labour on the proposal for regio... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government considers that adherence to "Empreende Jovem" programme is so obvious that contradicts all doubts
The Government has submitted to the Legislative Assembly of the Azores the response to a request made by PSD that raised doubts about the implementation of governmental programmes to stimulate private investment and employment creation, particularly the "Empreende Jovem" (Youth Entrepreneurship) programme. Stating that these doubts seemed to be strange, the Vice-President of the Government noted... Mais >>

Informação: Financial support measures for Azorean companies reach 386 million Euros
The Vice-President of the Government revealed that the overall amount of the funding allocated under various support lines for companies already reaches 386 million Euros. This amount is expected to be largely overcome as there are some support lines whose application deadline only ends in June. "This result evidences the companies' adherence to the measures we have implemented to enable their a... Mais >>

Informação: Sérgio Ávila makes "very positive" assessment of support measures to investment projects in the Azores
The Vice-President of the Government considered the rate at which applications for support measures to investment projects are being submitted as "very positive and encouraging," adding that it is "a sign that the incentives for economic development have reached Azorean entrepreneurs." The statements were made by Sérgio Ávila after a proposal made by the selection commissions of the... Mais >>

Informação: Society for Business Development of the Azores starts its activity on Friday
The Society for Development of the Azores (SDEA) starts its activity on Friday. This body is assigned a wide range of powers in the creation and implementation of policies aimed at the reinforcement of competitiveness of companies as well as at the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Administration Board will be chaired by Arnaldo Fernandes de Oliveira Machado, aged 53, who holds a... Mais >>

Informação: Zero Licensing programme enters into force
The ordinance approving the forms to be used in the Zero Licensing programme was published in the Official Journal today, thus putting into practice another of the 60 measures that make up the Azorean Agenda for Employment Creation and Business Competitiveness. "As its designation suggests, this is a measure intended to reduce the costs of context for companies by eliminating licenses, authorisa... Mais >>

Informação: Sérgio Ávila satisfied with growing number of projects developed under SIDER and "Empreende Jovem"
The Vice-President of the Government of the Azores conveyed his satisfaction with the approval of 32 new investment projects under the programmes SIDER and "Empreende Jovem" (Youth Entrepreneurship), representing a total investment of 21 million Euros and the creation of 55 jobs. Sérgio Ávila considered that this is an "evidence of the added value brought by these programmes to entrepr... Mais >>

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