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Informação: New public service obligations for maritime transport promote greater accessibility while maintaining reduced costs for passengers
The new Public Service Obligations for maritime transport, presented Monday in Horta, aim to improve mobility of the Azorean population through the maritime transport of passengers and vehicles and meet the growing demand. They take into account the seasonal variation in this type of transport and, simultaneously, provide affordable fares for passengers. As for the number of links on the Blue Li... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores is working to ensure low cost airlines on Terceira
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport stated today that the Government of the Azores has been working to ensure that the arrival of low cost airlines to the island of Terceira may become a reality shortly. Vítor Fraga emphasised that the Regional Government is "far from giving up on this matter and believes that this work will yield good results," highlighting "all the efforts un... Mais >>

Informação: Opening notice of the international public tender for interventions in the coastal area of Barra da Graciosa published in the Official Gazette
The opening notice of the international public tender for the contract work for the Protection and Stabilisation of the Coastal Area of Barra in Santa Cruz da Graciosa, with a base value of 5.3 million Euros, was published today in the Official Gazette. This intervention, included in the Regional Public Works Charter, has a completion period of 18 months and consists in the construction of a 225 ... Mais >>

Informação: New accessibility model meets expectations, says Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport stated this afternoon that the new accessibility model, which entered into force on March 29, "corresponds to our expectations to improve the mobility of all Azoreans and, simultaneously, contribute to the increase of tourism flows in the Azores." Vítor Fraga spoke to journalists on the sidelines of the conference "Better accessibility, More M... Mais >>

Informação: Vessel for route S.Miguel/Santa Maria would be "out of context in the global integrated solution for regional maritime transport," said Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport stated in Horta that the proposal submitted by PCP regarding the acquisition of a vessel for the transport of passengers, vehicles and cargo to operate in the route S. Miguel/Santa Maria on a regular basis does not fit into the global integrated solution for regional maritime transport. Furthermore, this solution is costly solution and is out of c... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores works continuously to improve safety in the transport sector, ensures Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport stated today in Horta that safety is one of the most valuable assets in the transport sector, ensuring that the Regional Government works continuously to enhance it. "We are working continuously in order to enhance safety as well as to adopt any additional measures that may prove necessary so that similar situations do not happen again in regional ... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores issued its report on the revision of the White Paper on Transport
The Government of the Azores has conveyed to the European Commission its position regarding the revision of the White Paper on Transport, stressing the importance of issues related to accessibility in Outermost Regions. The position of the Government on the progress achieved since the publication of this strategic EU document in 2011 consists of two contributions submitted to Brussels; one on an ... Mais >>

Informação: Maritime transport should be regarded as a whole to avoid separate solutions for each issue, says Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport stated in Ponta Delgada that the proposal presented by the Communist party (PCP) regarding the purchase of a passenger and cargo vessel by the Regional Government to operate year-round between S. Miguel and Santa Maria is a proposal that does not fit into the overall transport policy in the Region. It also lacked information on the operation of this... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government requests clarification from the National Government on differential treatment in air transport, says Vasco Cordeiro
The Government of the Azores will request to the National Government a clarification on the differential treatment between the Azores and Madeira in air transport between the two autonomous regions and the Mainland Portugal, announced the President of the Regional Government, Vasco Cordeiro. "There cannot be double standards. We cannot have a certain solution in one Region and different solutions... Mais >>

Informação: Government ensures best response in air cargo transport to all islands, says Isabel Rodrigues
The Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs assured today that the Government of the Azores "has been working in order to provide all islands, without exception, with the best response and improved accessibility" for passengers and air cargo. Speaking at the plenary session of the Regional Assembly, Isabel Rodrigues restated that "the new public service obligation... Mais >>

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