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Informação: Regional Government has invested over 175 thousand Euros in coastal protection of Casa Port cliff on Corvo Island
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stated today on Corvo that the Government of the Azores "continues to invest in the protection and redevelopment of the coastline throughout the archipelago." Gui Menezes spoke during the visit to the cliff adjacent to the roundabout of Casa Port that was subject to coastal protection works, an investment over 175 thousand Euros. Conclude... Mais >>

Informação: Ana Cunha highlights investment of 1.1 million Euros in road signs and road safety
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stressed today that the Government's investment in improving road signs and road safety in the regional road network will reach 1.1 million Euros this year. Ana Cunha spoke at the end of a visit to the contract work for the placement of metal guardrails on the Caldeirão road, held under the Government's statutory visit to Corvo. At the occ... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro visits works to improve operating and safety conditions of Casa Port, Corvo Island
The President of the Government of the Azores started this afternoon the statutory visit to Corvo Island by visiting the expansion works of Casa Port, a 10 million-Euro investment intended to improve the operating and safety conditions of this port infrastructure. "This work includes not only the expansion of the mooring berth by 40 metres, which will reach 115 metres in length, but also the expan... Mais >>

Informação: Ongoing port works amount to 30 million Euros, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government visited today the redevelopment works of Poças Port on Flores Island. This is one of the example of the ongoing investments in regional port infrastructures amounting to 30 million Euros. With a budget of 8.4 million Euros, "this is an example of the investments that are being carried out in regional port infrastructures," Vasco Cordeiro said, adding that ther... Mais >>

Informação: Committee of the Regions approves proposal of the Azores on motorways of the sea in Outermost Regions
The Committee of the Regions recommended the European Union, on proposal of the Regional Government, to adjust the transport policy framework so that it may take into account the reality of Outermost Regions. This is crucial to "the full accomplishment of the EU's goals for the Trans-European Transport Network" and to Outermost Regions insofar as they become "eligible for actions under the motorwa... Mais >>

Informação: Improvement of Pico Longitudinal Road enhances safety and comfort of pedestrians and drivers, says Ana Cunha
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works visited today the site where the second phase of the improvement of Regional Road No. 1 - 2 (Longitudinal Road) is being carried out. This contract work, already concluded, included the resurfacing of an extension with about 11 kilometres in the section between the access to Pico Mountain and Regional Road no. 2 - 2. Moreover, the intervention ... Mais >>

Informação: Investments in Horta Port aimed to improve operational conditions, says Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stated today that the investments made in Horta Port "have been tested in small scale or mathematical models to assess their characteristics." They were primarily intended to "improve the operational and safety conditions of the port.""There are several aspects in the port where these improvements are recognised and significant," said Víto... Mais >>

Informação: Rehabilitation of roads carried out by the Regional Government ensures greater comfort and safety, says Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stated in Nordeste that the rehabilitation of roads carried out by the Government of the Azores proves the effective response of the Government to the needs of the population, always seeking to improve the quality of life in the archipelago. Vitor Fraga spoke at the opening of the redevelopment works of Povoação-Nordeste route, regio... Mais >>

Informação: Grupo SATA has new Administration Board
The new Administration Board of Grupo SATA, chaired by Paulo Simão Carvalho de Borba Menezes, includes executive members Isabel Maria dos Santos Barata, João Manuel Trabuco Nunes and Maria Leonor Balacó Amaral Albergaria. In March this year, the President of the Azorean Government, Vasco Cordeiro, informed the Legislative Assembly about the appointment of Paulo Menezes as Chairman o... Mais >>

Informação: Public transport of passengers on night schedule to be extended to new areas
The Regional Government published Tuesday in the Official Journal the opening notice of a tender for the provision of public passenger transport services, on a regular and continuous basis, for night and weekend schedules on the island of São Miguel. With a base price of one million and sixty thousand Euros, the tender concerns the provision of service during a period of 24 months, with the e... Mais >>

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