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Informação: Regional Government allocates over half a million Euros for recovery of degraded housing on São Miguel
The Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Social Solidarity, allocated today a package of support for the rehabilitation of degraded housing in the 16 villages of the six municipalities on São Miguel Island. The support amounts to over a half a million Euros. "It will be distributed by16 villages throughout the island of São Miguel, benefitting 129 people," said Andr... Mais >>

Informação: Workers the Regional Government's main concern, says Gui Meneze
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology reiterated in Horta that the "main concern" of the Regional Government "has always been and will continue to be the workers and the maintenance of the cannery on Pico Island." According to him, "this is the most important guarantee that these jobs will be maintained." Gui Menezes spoke at the Legislative Assembly during the debate on the l... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Directorate for Housing collects contributions for diagnostic phase of Housing Agenda 2017-2031
The Regional Director for Housing met today with the Board of AICOPA - Azores Building Industry and Public Works Association in the context of hearing process and collection of contributions to the diagnostic phase of the Housing Agenda 2017-2031. Orlando Goulart stressed that the document "aims to define housing policies in various areas in this time frame until 2031," such soil occupation as we... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government already complied with recommendations issued in report about ARRISCA
The Regional Government has already complied with the recommendations issued in the report concerning the audit of the Regional Health Inspectorate to ARRISCA under the actions to monitor transparency and supervise public resources allocated to Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) in the Region. The assurance was provided to the members of the Regional Assembly by the Regional Secretary ... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro highlights scientific contribution that validates Strategy to Combat Poverty in the Region
The President of the Government highlighted in Horta the scientific and structural aspects of the Regional Strategy to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion. Education, employment and health are the major priorities in creating the conditions for the Azores to overcome these problems. "What is proposed here is the contribution not only from those who dedicate their life and work to the fight agains... Mais >>

Informação: Situation of COFACO workers demands transparency and clarification from the company, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government assured today that the Government has followed "very closely and very carefully" the situation of the COFACO workers on the island of Pico, but warned that the company must adopt a position of total transparency and clarification during this process. "Firstly, as it is known, the Regional Government has been following this matter from the very beginning in order t... Mais >>

Informação: Rights of COFACO workers on Pico will be assured, says Gui Menezes
The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology assured in Madalena that the Government of the Azores will continue to provide "full support" to the COFACO workers on the island of Pico "so that the company may guarantee their rights." Gui Menezes spoke on the sidelines of a meeting with the workers of the plant owned by COFACO, where he was accompanied by technicians from the Social Se... Mais >>

Informação: Housing support is a partnership established between the Region and beneficiary families, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Regional Government highlighted on Terceira Island the Government's "political option" to guarantee Azorean families their right to housing. However, he stressed that this not about the allocation of houses, but rather a partnership that is established between both parties. What is at stake is a "contract, a partnership and a relation in which the Region provides housing, but... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores invested 4 million Euros in the housing sector on São Miguel Island in 2017
The Regional Secretary for Social Solidarity revealed in Lagoa, that, since the beginning of the legislative period, "the Government has invested nearly 4 million Euros in the housing sector on São Miguel Island," distributed by various support programmes provided by the Regional Directorate for Housing. "The Government has allocated one million euros for the rehabilitation of degraded housin... Mais >>

Informação: Strategy creates conditions for the Azores to overcome the challenge of combating poverty, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government stated that the Regional Strategy to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion, presented today, is a long-term commitment to creating the necessary structural conditions for the Azores to tackle this phenomenon. "The challenge that I launch to all those who are here and to those who, through you, may be mobilised towards this goal is to join the fight against this scourg... Mais >>

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