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Informação: Regional Government delivers new ILS vehicle on Terceira island
The Regional Secretary for Health spoke at the delivery of a new Immediate Life Support (ILS) vehicle in Angra do Heroísmo, stressing that this investment will ensure "increased safety for the rescue of populations, which is our main mission, and also for health professionals." With the recent 90-thousand Euro investment in three vehicles, the Azores now have eight ILS vehicles, improving and... Mais >>

Informação: Health promotion determines end of health fees in primary care
The Regional Secretary for Health stated at the Legislative Assembly in Horta that the Regional Government intends that "emergency services should be only used by those who need it." "What we are saying is not new. It is health promotion and disease prevention, seeing that primary health care is a gateway to the Regional Health Service," said Teresa Machado Luciano, who spoke Thursday at a discuss... Mais >>

Informação: Teresa Machado Luciano encourages young Azoreans to donate blood
The Regional Secretary for Health stated in Ponta Delgada that it is necessary to "increase the number of blood donors," urging young Azoreans to donate blood. Teresa Machado Luciano spoke Monday at the end of a meeting with the São Miguel Blood Donor Association. On the occasion, she stressed that blood needs "are lower today due to the differentiated use of blood," but stressed that " rene... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Secretary for Health highlights growth of physical therapy in the Azores
The Regional Health Service currently provides physical therapy on all islands of the archipelago, ensuring "equal access to all Azoreans," said the Regional Secretary for Health. Teresa Machado Luciano noted that 915 physical therapy treatments were carried out last year; 79% in the three hospitals in the Region. According to her, this evolution is sustained by the implementation of “Physic... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government ensures family medicine coverage rate at 100% by 2020, says Regional Secretary
The Regional Secretary for Health stressed at the Legislative Assembly in Horta “the increase in the rate of health users covered by family doctors." On the occasion, she ensured that "98.6% of users will have a family doctor from November" and, after the completion of the training programme of the current interns, the rate will reach "100% by 2020," being a key goal in ensuring primary hea... Mais >>

Informação: Health users exempt from fees in primary health care, announces Secretary for Health
The Regional Secretary for Health revealed in Ponta Delgada that "Azorean health users will no longer pay health care fees," which will be applied only to emergency services. “Health fees represent a minimal sum in the regional health budget and are lower compared with the rate in force in Mainland Portugal,” said Teresa Machado Luciano. According to her, "the amount of fees charged on... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Health Plan for next decade is "immediate challenge," says Rui Luís
The Regional Secretary for Health stated in Lagoa on São Miguel Island that the most immediate challenge in this sector will be the preparation and development of the Regional Health Plan for the next decade. "There are, at least, three areas that should deserve our special attention in terms of investment, such as continuing care, palliative care and mental health, all based on better home c... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Health Service's Training Plan contributes to qualification and maintenance of doctors in the Azores
The Regional Director for Health stated in Angra do Heroísmo that the 2019 Training Plan for the Regional Health Service provides a strong contribution to the maintenance of doctors for the attention drawn to medical emergency services and to general medicine and family medicine interns. "The training programme of the Regional Directorate for Health focuses on six areas. It took into account... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Health Service reinforced with 30 general practitioners, highlights Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government highlighted today the commitment to strengthen the human resources of the Regional Health Service (SRS), pointing out, as example, the hiring of 30 general practitioners since 2015 to improve the access of Azoreans to health care. "Between 2015 and the beginning of this year, the Regional Health Service admitted another 30 general practitioners to meet this need an... Mais >>

Informação: Works of Lajes do Pico Health Centre approved by Regional Government to be awarded within a week
The investment project of Lajes do Pico Health Centre has just been approved under the financial contribution from ERDF structural funds under the Azores Operational Programme (PO Açores 2020). The intervention in Lajes do Pico Health Centre, an investment of about 850 thousand Euros, is the latest project approved by the Vice-Presidency of the Government. This is a significant remodelling ... Mais >>

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