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Informação: Rui Luis says "giving blood is giving hope"
The Regional Secretary for Health joined today the celebrations of the World Blood Donor Day in Angra do Heroísmo by donating blood and delivering gold medals to donors registering more than 60 donations. "This day is marked to remind the importance of blood donation so that other patients may receive blood transfusions in critical situations. Therefore, donating blood is synonymous with don... Mais >>

Informação: Single agreement between Ministry of Health and Regional Secretariat for Health extends cooperation to new areas, says Rui Luís
The Regional Secretary for Health stated today in Angra do Heroísmo that the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Region and the Portuguese Republic represents the strengthening of an already existing cooperation that now extends to new areas. "We have a good understanding between the Regional Health Service and the National Health Service, as evident in the reciprocity agree... Mais >>

Informação: Azorean Government moves forward with proposal for training of nurses on the islands without hospital
The Regional Secretary for Health analysed together with the President of the Health School of the University of the Azores in Angra do Heroísmo the proposal to extend nursing teaching to the islands without hospital with the aim of promoting the maintenance of professionals on these islands. "This need arose from the fact that some of the nursing positions for these islands are not filled be... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro highlights potential of the Azores to host international events
The President of the Government highlighted today the role of the Azores as a point of connection between several countries and continents. This privileged geographic position should be also leveraged to host more and larger private events. Vasco Cordeiro spoke at the opening session of WorldConexx 2018, an international conference promoted by GlobeStar Systems - Connexall that is taking place on... Mais >>

Informação: First Pharmacovigilance Unit in the Azores created in partnership with Infarmed to monitor drug safety
The Regional Secretary for Health announced in Ponta Delgada the creation of the first Pharmacovigilance Unit in the Azores to ensure the effective monitoring of drug safety. "Our commitment to Infarmed was to provide a team in charge of carrying out this project, which is already fulfilled with a two-day training. This marks the entry into operation of this Unit," said Rui Luís, who spoke at... Mais >>

Informação: Azores to host launch of European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work in Portugal
The Vice-Presidency of the Government, through the Regional Labour Inspectorate and in collaboration with the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), will hold a seminar in Angra do Heroísmo on Friday, May 4, to launch the European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work in Portugal. The opening session of the event at Teatro Angrense will be chaired by the Vice-President of the Regional Gover... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores fulfils commitment to reopen Piedade Medical Office on Pico
The Regional Secretary for Health stated today that the reopening of Piedade Medical Office in the municipality of Lajes do Pico fulfils a commitment taken by the Government of the Azores with the island's population. "The reopening of the medical consultation office in Piedade was an ambition of the population since its closure about a year ago. About 25% of the population residing in Lajes do P... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government creates Regional Blood Network to improve coordination among hospitals
The Regional Secretary for Health announced today the creation of a Regional Blood Network to promote a better coordination among regional blood banks. "We are committed to creating a Regional Blood Network so that the three hospitals may improve coordination efforts and adopt common procedures, thus rendering physical and human resources and equipment profitable," said Rui Luís. He spoke on ... Mais >>

Informação: Rui Luís admits possibility of implementing pioneer physical exercise project for women with breast cancer
The Regional Secretary for Health highlighted in Ponta Delgada the importance of physical activity in the recovery of mastectomised cancer patients, stressing that it allows a new dynamic in the life and increased well-being among patients. "We know that physical exercise is important for monitoring the health status of these women and, as such, it brings them a new dynamics in their lives and inc... Mais >>

Informação: Advisory Council on Combating Oncological Diseases decides on methodology to be applied in the study on cancer causes in the Azores
The Regional Secretary for Health revealed in Ponta Delgada the beginning of the definition phase for the methodology and scientific structure to be applied in a study on the causes of cancer in the Azores."The Advisory Council on Combating Oncological Diseases is in the process of taking decisions and has already defined a scientific coordinator, Professor Vítor Rodrigues," stated Rui Lu... Mais >>

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