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Informação: Sam Baron's "Asentar" project wins first phase of "Use&Abuse" contest
French designer Sam Baron has won the first phase of the creative contest "Use&Abuse," an initiative of the Azores Creative Industry Platform (PICA), with the project designated as "Asentar." The evaluation of the projects and the selection of the winner were carried out by a jury composed of members of acknowledged expertise and repute representing the Regional Civil Engineering Laboratory (LREC... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government to evaluate solutions for restoring access to Capelas Port on São Miguel, ensures Ana Cunha
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works stated today that the Regional Government will carry out an intervention to restore road and pedestrian traffic on the access road to Capelas Port on São Miguel Island, "safeguarding its main function." "Capelas Port serves as a shelter for many fishers from other parts of the island. Even though it harbours six or seven boats, it remains... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores promotes long-term property lease in the municipality of Ponta Delgada
The Government of the Azores, through the Regional Secretariat for Social Solidarity, has signed a lease agreement for the placement of 75 one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments in the village of Arrifes on the leasing market. The property is located in the Piedade Jovem neighbourhood, having been recently acquired by a private investor. It will be fully refurbished by the new owne... Mais >>

Informação: Azorean Government ensures lease support to more than 1,600 families in 2019
The Regional Directorate for Housing has admitted 1,647 applications for the Families with Future-Lease Incentive, including new ones and renewals, according to the preliminary admission lists published today. Of a total of 1,768 applications for support submitted during the application period, which ran from August 1 to 30 September, 1,647 were accepted; 50% of requests were submitted by young fa... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government moves forward with Competence Centre for procurement procedures, announces Ana Cunha
The Regional Secretary for Transport and Public Works announced today in Lagoa on São Miguel Island that the Regional Government will move forward with the creation of a Competence Centre for procurement procedures, "namely those subject to public tender." Ana Cunha added that "it will operate under the administration of the Public Works department but will provide support to all governmental... Mais >>

Informação: President of the Government announces new programme for urban renewal and response to housing needs
The President of the Government announced the creation of the new programme designated as "Renovated House, Inhabited House" in order to give a significant boost to urban renewal and, simultaneously, respond to housing needs in the certain areas of the Region. "We believe that this programme will give a very significant boost to the urban renewal and respond to the housing needs we currently have... Mais >>

Informação: Investment in school buildings on São Miguel exceeds 70 million Euros in the last two years, says Avelino Meneses
The Regional Secretary for Education and Culture highlighted in Capelas the investment effort in school infrastructures carried out by the Regional Government on São Miguel in the last two years, exceeding 70 million Euros. "In terms of school buildings, this is surely the turn of São Miguel Island," said Avelino Meneses, who spoke on the sidelines of the visit to the works of the new Ca... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro highlights contribution of private investment to Region's new economic cycle
The President of the Government stressed today the importance of private investment in consolidating the new economic cycle in the Region, pointing out the example of nearly one thousand applications submitted by entrepreneurs to Competir + incentive system. "In this new phase we are living in our economy, there is a clear focus on private investment by making the best use of mechanisms and incent... Mais >>

Informação: Vasco Cordeiro announces investments to provide fire brigades with new equipment
The President of the Regional Government announced on the island of Flores an investment of around 2.2 million Euros to provide regional fire departments with new ambulances and personal protective equipment for search and rescue operations. Vasco Cordeiro spoke at the opening of the rehabilitation and expansion works of Santa Cruz das Flores Fire Station, an investment of nearly 700 thousand Euro... Mais >>

Informação: Programme for construction and refurbishment of schools represents investment of nearly 160 million Euros, says Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government visited today the refurbishment works of Padre Mauricio de Freitas School in Santa Cruz das Flores. They are included in the programme for the construction and improvement of school buildings that is underway in the Region, representing a global investment of about 160 million Euros. "The investment in this school is not isolated and falls within a series of invest... Mais >>

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