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Informação: Government of the Azores to support use of buses and taxis powered by electricity
The Vice-President of the Government announced yesterday in Angra do Heroísmo that the Government is developing a system of incentives for the use of vehicles powered by electricity in regional public transportation. Sérgio Ávila spoke at the closing session of the conference "The Energy Challenge of Energy Mobility." According to him, the measure aims "to reduce the environmental i... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores decides to mark and colour agricultural and fishing diesel
The Regional Government has approved the marketing mechanisms of dyed and marked diesel in the Autonomous Region and also determined that 98 octane unleaded petrol should be sold in a free price system. The decision was announced today by the Regional Assistant Secretary of the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs at the presentation of the press release from the Council of the Government that m... Mais >>

Informação: New legislation on energy certification of buildings streamlines and simplifies procedures, says Vítor Fraga
Approved at the Legislative Assembly Friday, the legislation adapts to the Azores the energy certification of buildings, the scheme regulating the access and exercise of the activities performed by qualified experts for energy certification as well as for installation and maintenance technicians of buildings and systems. Moreover, it also implements the exceptional scheme applicable to the rehabil... Mais >>

Informação: Vítor Fraga announces investment of 22 million Euros in renewable energy for 2016
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport announced today that the Regional Government will invest in 2016 more than 22 million Euros in renewable energy, thus consolidating energy policy that is being implemented by the Regional Government. During the ceremony to lay the first stone of Pico Alto Geothermal Plant, which he presided over on behalf of the President of the Government, Ví... Mais >>

Informação: Number of beneficiaries of energy consumption support schemes rose over 81% in 2015, reveals Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport revealed today that the number of beneficiaries under the Social Tariff and the Extraordinary Social Support for Energy Consumers recorded an increase over 81% in 2015, covering more than two thousand Azorean families. Vítor Fraga spoke to journalists at the end of a visit to the EDA Mobile Shop in the village of Santo António in Ponta De... Mais >>

Informação: Support to energy users provides greater discounts and covers more beneficiaries
The joint ordinance regulating the procedures and the requirements for the access and maintenance of the social electricity tariff for economically vulnerable users was published today in the Official Journal. The legislation was established by Decree-law no.138-A/2010 of December, recently amended by Decree-Law no.172/2014 of November 14. In order to extend the scope of this measure, it was dec... Mais >>

Informação: Regional geothermal projects presented the Outermost Regions at international meeting in the Canary Islands
The Azores presented the regional projects developed in the field of geothermal energy to the representatives of Outermost Region (ORs) at the first International Meeting on Renewable Energy (CAN 2015), held in Tenerife. The event was organised by the Regional Government of the Canary Islands and ACER - Canary Renewable Energy Association. The Azores were represented by the Regional Director for ... Mais >>

Informação: Rosa Nunes stressed importance of renewable energy in the future of Graciosa and the Azores
The Regional Director for Energy stressed the importance of the project that has started to be implemented on Graciosa in partnership with the Azores Electricity Company (EDA) and Younicos. This island will become another example in the Azores with regard to the pioneering use of renewable energy. The project designed to boost renewable energy will be implemented through the construction of a 4.... Mais >>

Informação: Vítor Fraga marks completion of "Sustainable Corvo" project after investment of 1.2 million Euros
The Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Transport visited today two houses in Vila do Corvo, where solar panels and heat pumps were installed for water heating. This visit marks the conclusion of the "Sustainable Corvo" project. This project consisted in the installation of solar panels and heat pumps in all houses of Corvo Island that are privately owned. "This investment was divided into tw... Mais >>

Informação: Penetration rate of renewable energy in the Azores should be at 53% by 2017, says Vítor Fraga
The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Transport said today that the investment in renewable energy will continue to be one of the Azores' major goals for the future in a plan for the long-term. "Being a key component of the European energy strategy for the sector, renewable energy and energy efficiency play a crucial role in the transition to low carbon economies, which decreases the purchase a... Mais >>

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