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Informação: Vasco Cordeiro restates importance of measures to promote job creation in the Azores
The President of the Government restated today in Angra do Heroísmo the importance the Government attaches to employment issues, reminding the measures that make up the Azorean Agenda for Employment Creation and Business Competitiveness and the programmes that have been launched thereafter. "These initiatives are being already implemented and we believe that they will help us facing the pro... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government opens new application period for "Recuperar" programme
The Vice-Presidency, Employment and Business Competitiveness of the Government of the Azores has decided to open a new application period for "Recuperar" (Recover) programme, thus reinforcing its intervention to improve the employability of human resources in the Region. Applications can be made until May 15 at the following electronic address The "Recuper... Mais >>

Informação: Professional Integration Programme for trainees registered over one hundred applications
The Vice-President of the Government conveyed today his satisfaction with the large number of applications for the support measures under the Professional Integration Programme of "Estagiar L" and "Estagiar T" programmes (PIIE). This programme was created in mid-February. "This innovative measure, which is included in the Azorean Agenda for Employment Creation and Business Competitiveness, has a... Mais >>

Informação: Projects developed under "Empreende Jovem" at good rate
The Vice-President of Government of the Azores considered today that "the rate at which projects are being created under 'Empreende Jovem' (Youth Entrepreneurship) is very encouraging" and stressed that it is "a clear sign" that the incentive measures promoted by the Regional Government to boost regional economy are "being well received and implemented." Sérgio Ávila conveyed his satisf... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government approved the Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship
The Government of the Azores has adopted the Strategic Plan for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship 2013-2016, which intends to provide the Region with a tool that allows to control the main structural factors, through a series of coherent and consistent measures, in order to stimulate entrepreneurship. According to the press release of the meeting held by the Council of the Government on São... Mais >>

Informação: Government of the Azores opens applications for "Recuperar" programme
The Vice-Presidency, Employment and Business Competitiveness will open the application period for the "Recuperar" (Recover) programme on April 1. Application should be made at the following electronic address: until April 15. The "Recuperar" programme, approved by the Regional Government in February, aims to support the professional integration of unemploy... Mais >>

Informação: European Commission considers Employment Incubator as good example of employability policies
The European Commission has decided to include the Employment Incubator project in the Employment Strategy Report, considering this measure as a good example of social inclusion policies. Upon receiving the news, the Vice-President of the Government conveyed his satisfaction for the recognition of "a social measure implemented under employment policies that is intended to safeguard the role of w... Mais >>

Informação: Sérgio Ávila lectured on Azorean Agenda for Employment and Business Competitiveness at University of the Azores
The Vice-President of the Government lectured on the Azorean Agenda for Employment Creation and Business Competitiveness to the students of the Department of Economics and Business Management at the University of the Azores in the context of the Late Night Chat initiative. Sérgio Ávila began by addressing the monetary policies pursued by the European Union, which he considered to be pa... Mais >>

Informação: Government continues to invest in the retraining of unemployed citizens
Three hundred and seventy unemployed citizens registered at agencies for qualification and employment across the archipelago start today training courses for a period of ten months under the Reativar Technological Programme. This initiative is integrated in the Azorean Agency for Employment Creation and Business Competitiveness. Trainees will attend courses in several areas: Electrical Installa... Mais >>

Informação: Over thirty Europeans youngsters participate in traineeships in the Azores
Thirty-six European youngsters will participate in the first traineeship of 2013 to be held in the Azores under the Eurodyssey and Leonardo da Vinci exchange programmes. These youngsters will have the opportunity of having a professional experience in a foreign country through the Eurodyssey programme. The group is composed of youngsters from the French regions of Franche-Comté, Île-de... Mais >>

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