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Informação: Regional Government moves forward with pilot project aimed at municipalities for selective collection of organic waste
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stated in Horta that the Regional Government intends to develop a pilot project in 2020 aimed at "supporting municipalities that wish to begin the selective collection of organic waste." "Later this year, we will finalise the procedure for the acquisition of 750 800-litre containers for the disposal of biodegradable municipal waste," Marta... Mais >>

Informação: European Waste Prevention Week focused on education and communication for waste reduction
The Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism, through the Regional Directorate for the Environment, will hold the 10th Azorean Waste Week from November 16 to 24. The initiative is held under the 11th European Waste Prevention Week with the aim of including actions organised by public and private entities on all islands of the archipelago. This year's edition will focus on “Ed... Mais >>

Informação: Azores distinguished with bronze status by EarthCheck sustainable destination certification process
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stated in Ponta Delgada that the Azores "were already distinguished with the bronze benchmark status certification by EarthCheck," a certification entity for sustainable tourist destinations. “We are very proud of this certification as far as it evidences an external recognition of the commitment to which we have worked hard with al... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government to hold "Green Teams" on all islands of the archipelago
The Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism will hold a series of forums aimed at monitoring the sustainability of the Azores tourist destination, designated as "Green Teams," on all islands of the archipelago. The first workshop takes place Thursday, August 29, on the island of Santa Maria, followed by São Miguel (August 30), Terceira (September 3), Graciosa (September 4), S... Mais >>

Informação: “Little Big House” project is example of how everyone can contribute to sustainable development
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism highlighted the “Little Big House” project as an example of how all citizens can contribute to sustainable development, whether governments, municipalities or companies, but, above all, every citizen in their private sphere. Marta Guerreiro spoke after a visit to “Little Big House.” On the occasion, she stressed th... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government implemented agricultural plastic collection system on São Jorge Island
The Regional Government has already implemented an agricultural plastic collection system on the island of São Jorge, providing several containers throughout the two municipalities of that island. This measure complies with the decision taken by the Council of the Government in January as part of the Government's statutory visit to São Jorge. The Regional Directorate for Agriculture has... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government with ambitious tools for implementation of Electric Mobility Strategy
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stated in Horta that the Regional Government now has ambitious tools and tools for the implementation of the Electric Mobility Strategy, following the approval the Parliament's approval of the respective Regional Legislative Decree. Marta Guerreiro said that it will foster "the progressive installation of the electric vehicle charging netw... Mais >>

Informação: Marta Guerreiro highlights importance of recycling drop-offs in waste management circuit
The Regional Secretary for Energy, Environment and Tourism stressed on Faial Island the importance of recycling drop-offs as they are "controlled and sealed containers," where urban waste is stored and selected for subsequent referral to the appropriate final destination. Marta Guerreiro spoke after a visit to the recycling drop-offs in the village of Castelo Branco. On the occasion, she emphasise... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government holds 2nd Forum on Sustainability Charter Progress
The Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism will hold the 2nd Forum Sustainability Charter Progress on Thursday, June 13, to be held at NONAGON - São Miguel Technology Park. The initiative will be open to various sectors of activity. The event will be based on a dynamic approach, including plenary presentations from some members, the usual group sharing and the delivery of ne... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government reinforces use of alternative solutions to herbicides
The Regional Director for Public Works and Communications stated today that the application of thermal weeding to control the growth of vegetation on the roadsides and footways in urban areas "is one of the viable solutions to complement the mechanical means already used and a gradual alternative to the use of herbicides in rural areas." Frederico Sousa spoke in Furnas on the island of São Mi... Mais >>

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