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Informação: Wine Summit 2019 Annual Conference closes with visit to Pico
The Regional Government, through the Regional Directorates for Tourism and Agriculture, supports the visit to Pico Island on June 29 under the Wine Summit 2019 Annual Conference, an event to be attended by participants from Europe, USA and Canada. The purpose of this visit is to make the most influential national and international participants in this area better acquainted with landscape and the ... Mais >>

Informação: Honey production in the Azores generates annual revenue of one million Euros, says Regional Director for Agriculture
The Regional Director for Agriculture, José Élio Ventura, stated that more than 100 tonnes of honey are annually produced in the Azores, generating revenue of about one million Euros with the sale of honey, wax and royal jelly, among other products. "The figures speak for themselves and evidence the economic importance of beekeeping in the Region, a sector with room to grow in the archi... Mais >>

Informação: Implementation of crop insurances in the Azores is positive measure for agriculture, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry, João Ponte, announced today that Azorean farmers can already take out crop insurances to protect their crops and their income from adverse weather conditions. The implementation of this measure is the result of the Government's determination and commitment. "Today is a historic day for Azorean agriculture. Five years after the beginning of ... Mais >>

Informação: Investing in improvement of agricultural infrastructures fosters Santa Maria's economic development, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated on Santa Maria that agriculture is of great importance for the island's economy, thus the investment in the improvement of agricultural infrastructures is fully justified while contributing to the development and local progress. "Similarly to other islands, the Government will continue to firmly invest in the modernisation of agricultural ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government invests 210 thousand Euros in milk classification equipment
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and today Forestry awarded the contract for the acquisition of high-end equipment carry out the tests deemed necessary for the classification of raw milk on São Miguel Island. This 210 thousand-Euro investment was made by the Institute of Food and Agricultural Markets (IAMA). "It is another necessary measure for the dairy sector implemented by the Region... Mais >>

Informação: Partnerships with producers' organisations foster organic farming, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated in Horta that the partnerships between the Regional Government and producers' organisations are very important and contribute to the promotion of organic farming in the archipelago. "If increasing the number of producers and the agricultural areas for organic production is our main goal, we will only be able to achieve it successfully by w... Mais >>

Informação: Milk production in the Azores stabilised in the first quarter of 2019
Global milk production in the Azores has practically stabilised at 157 million litres, comparing the production registered in the first quarter of this year with the same period of 2018, announced today the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry. It should be noted that that production increased by 4.7 million litres of milk, i.e., 3.1% in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the sam... Mais >>

Informação: Pasture improvement is major asset for Azorean agriculture, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry said today on São Miguel that the improvement of pastures in the Azores is a major asset for the reduction of costs in farms and for environmental sustainability, besides being a competitive advantage that must be optimised by industries. "The continuous improvement of pastures and the consolidation of knowledge on pastures are two key aspe... Mais >>

Informação: Good indicators of Azorean agriculture demonstrate good implementation of Community funds, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stressed today that Azorean agriculture "has followed a path towards success and sustainability with the generation of fair income for the entire chain, demonstrating indicators that will allow us to face the future with confidence." According to him, they are a "clear evidence that the Region is successfully implementing the Community funds at i... Mais >>

Informação: Azores have great growth potential for organic farming, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated that the regional strategy for the development of organic farming and its action plan stem from a firm option taken by the Regional Government based on a series of objective reasons. "Firstly, because the Azores have unique soil and climate conditions that can sustain the exploitation of natural agricultural activities. On fact, organic f... Mais >>

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