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Informação: Regional Government working to meet "zero killing" of animals until 2022, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated today on Faial that the Regional Government is taking "concrete steps" to achieve the "zero killing" of animals, either of abandoned pets or stray animals, in the Region by 2022, emphasising the priority to focus on sterilisation and responsible adoption. "In more than half of the municipalities, where 87% of Region's population resides, t... Mais >>

Informação: Government creates new programmes to reinforce agricultural diversification in the Azores, announces Vasco Cordeiro
The President of the Government announced in Ribeira Grande that the Government will implement three programmes in 2019 with the aim of enhancing and reinforcing the growth pace in agricultural diversification in the Azores. "We have made a significant progress in recent years. From 2015 to 2018, the area of agricultural diversification, including horticulture, fruit growing and floriculture, gre... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government extends application period for investments in water storage on farms
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry announced that the deadline for the submission of applications under PRORURAL+ for investment projects on farms specifically directed to the use and storage of water will be extended until January 21. "The extension of the deadline, originally stipulated until the end of the year, will allow more farmers to submit applications as the festive se... Mais >>

Informação: Improving working conditions for farmers is Regional Government's priority, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry highlighted today on São Miguel that the commitment to improving and modernising accessibility remains a priority for the Regional Government for reducing production costs, boosting the competitiveness of farms and improving road safety. "On the part of the Regional Government, we will do everything to provide farmers with better working co... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government maintains proactive action in defence of Region's interests in CAP revision
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry assured in Lisbon that the Regional Government is proactive in defending the Region's interests in different areas towards a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the 2021-2027period to address the challenges of Azorean agriculture. "The Regional Government has worked with great commitment and determination, both inside and outside the country, to... Mais >>

Informação: Tagging of trees cut for Christmas safeguards Azorean forests, says Regional Director for Forest Resources
The Regional Director for Forest Resources stated that the tagging of trees authorised for cutting during the Christmas season safeguards Azorean forests, while keeping alive the natural Christmas tree tradition at this time of the year. "The provision of tags has yielded good results insofar it allows, on the one hand, consumers to buy trees from areas authorised for cutting, where there is an e... Mais >>

Informação: Azores' strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions does not involve cattle reduction, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated that the Azores have their own strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so the measures announced by the Minister of the Environment in the agricultural sector will not be implemented in the Region under the Path to Carbon Neutrality for 2050. "Regarding the measures already announced by the Minister of the Environment, namely those co... Mais >>

Informação: Committee of the Regions approves Vasco Cordeiro's proposals to guarantee Community funding rate under CAP
Seven amendments proposed by the President of the Government to the Committee of the Regions' opinion on the proposal of the EU Commission for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were approved in Brussels. They include, among other things, the maintenance of Community funding rates at 85 percent. Following a difficult and complex negotiation, given that more than three hundred amend... Mais >>

Informação: Blueberry production in the Azores may represent excellent business opportunity, says Regional Director for Agriculture
The Regional Director for Agriculture stated today that the investment in the production of blueberries in the Azores may be an excellent business opportunity. This is a highly appreciated fruit in the market with a growing demand for its nutritious and healthy properties, being well- adapted to the archipelago's soil and climate conditions. "Experimentation has been conducted since 2006, through ... Mais >>

Informação: Regional Government is working towards good proposal for future Common Agricultural Policy, says João Ponte
The Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry stated that the Regional Government is committed and working, at various levels, to reach a good proposal for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the 2021-2027 period, so as to ensure an adequate financing to continue the development of the agricultural sector. "Adequate European funding is needed in order to continue the good work towards th... Mais >>

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