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Azorean Youngsters are increasingly using the Internet and mobile phonesInformation: Azorean Youngsters are increasingly using the Internet and mobile phones
Ninety per cent of young people in the Azores with ages between 10 and 15 years old had access to the Internet in 2008, an increase of 39 per cent in relation to 2005. According to a study by the National Statistics Institute (INE), access to computers in this age group, for the same period, increased from 73,6 per cent to 95,7 per cent presently. Equally, the use of mobile telephones also incre... more >>

Azorean families spend 875 Euros per year in culture and entertainmentInformation: Azorean families spend 875 Euros per year in culture and entertainment
The National Institute of Statistics (INE), in a recent study, concluded that each Azorean family spends an average of 875 Euros per year in cultural and entertainment activities. This study shows that the region of the Azores is one of the four Portuguese regions in Portugal with the highest levels of spending in this domain. According to INE, this study is based on data regarding family expense... more >>

Information: Azores is Portuguese region with greatest growth in tourism sector
The region of the Azores is one of two regions in the country that registered an increase in the number of tourist visits in November, a trend that is contrary to the national tendency in the same period of last year. In comparative terms, the Region had, in November, an increase of 4.6% in the number of tourist visits, according to the National Institute of Statistics. The Azorean hotel industr... more >>

Information: Women constitute two thirds of university enrollments in the Azores
Women make up two thirds of enrollment in university programmes in the 2007/2008 academic year. In the previous academic year, women obtained 469 of the 624 academic diplomas bestowed by the university. According to the statistics yearbook of the National Statistics Institute (INE) 3,320 students were enrolled in university programmes in the region, of which 2,003 were women. The following aca... more >>

Terceira island leads per capita consumption of electricity in the AzoresInformation: Terceira island leads per capita consumption of electricity in the Azores
In 2007, Terceira island reached a per capita level of electrical consumption in the order of 3.329kWh. This figure is higher than the average for the Azores as a whole and is proportionally higher than the figures for any of the other islands in the Region. According to the regional electricity provider, EDA, in Santa Maria and Faial the figures related to the consumption of electricity per inha... more >>

Information: Region’s account with balance of 13 million euros in 2007
The Region’s account of 2007, approved by the Government of the Azores for presentation to the Parliament, shows a positive balance of 12,8 million euros. Last year, the revenues of the Region reached 1.225 million euros, while the expenses concentrated on 1.212 millions. In the management of 2007, the current revenues (629 million euros) surpassed again the current expenses (544 millions). ... more >>

Azores harbourInformation: More passengers in the sea travels between the islands
The number of passengers boarded in the Azores harbours for travels between the islands increased 3,4 percent in the first ten months of this year, face to the homologous period of 2007. According to data of the Regional Secretariat for the Economy, of January to October 452 thousand passengers boarded in the ships that travel throughout the archipelago, against 437 thousand in the first ten mont... more >>

Gas stationInformation: Agricultural diesel fuel and diesel fuel for fishing lower three cents, road diesel fuel and gasoline two cents
The prices of the agricultural diesel fuel and diesel fuel for fishing decrease, in the Azores, since Friday, in three cents per litre, lowering the road diesel fuel and the gasoline in two cents. The new prices to be practiced in the Region are of 0,55 and 0,43 euros per litre in the agricultural diesel fuel and diesel fuel for fishing and of 0,96 in the road diesel fuel, passing the gasoline t... more >>

Regional director for employment and vocational trainingInformation: Azores with normality in the salaries payment
The regional director for Employment and Vocational Training guaranteed, today, the non-existence, since 2000, of any “important fluctuation in the normality of the salaries payment” in the Azores. In a press conference in Ponta Delgada, Rui Bettencourt quoted data of the Regional Inspectorate of Employment (IRT) to indicate that, in the first semester of 2008, there was only register... more >>

Divino Espírito Santo HospitalInformation: Divino Espírito Santo Hospital with unity for patients who are victim of cerebral haemorrhage (AVC)
The Divino Espírito Santo Hospital, of Ponta Delgada, is going to have, since Friday, one unity specifically oriented for the treatment of patients who are victim of cerebral haemorrhage (AVC), which opening is marked by a ceremony presided by the regional secretary for Social Affairs. In spite of registering in the Azores an inferior incidence to the checked one in the Mainland - 1,4 percen... more >>

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