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Regional secretary for social affairs giving a speechInformation: Intervention of the Secretary for Social Affairs in the celebrations of the International Day of the Elderly
Full text of the intervention of the Secretary for Social Affairs, Domingos Cunha, in the celebrations, today in Ribeira Grande, of the International Day of the Elderly: “The social policy promoted by the Government of the Azores addressed at the elderly population, answers to the challenges imposed by the aging of the population, by the increase of the average hope of life and other social... more >>

Undersecretary of fishing in the UniversityInformation: Government finances installation of elevatory platform for wheelchairs in the University of the Azores
The regional undersecretary of Fishing considered, today, that a modern society must guarantee the access of any citizen, independently from the existence of eventual physical limitations, to all the spaces and services that he may need. In the inauguration of an elevatory platform for wheelchairs in the building of the Social Action of the University of the Azores, in Ponta Delgada financed by t... more >>

Information: Terceira with second shelter house for women in risk
The Terceira Island has, from today, a new shelter house meant for sheltering women in risk. The new equipment, the second of the kind in the island, has capacity to receive 15 women and it was supported by the Government of the Azores in nearly 17 thousand euros. Its opening joins the process of creation of the Integrated Support Network to the Woman in Risk in Terceira and it comes to give ans... more >>

Regional secretary for social affairsInformation: Government of the Azores always committed in the best answers for the most vulnerable social problems
The regional secretary for Social Affairs highlighted, today, the excellent cooperation of the governments of the Azores and of the Republic in the adjustment and in the definition and development of common policies for construction of plans and programs addressed to the problems of the most vulnerable groups and in the fulfilment of the answers directed to them. In the ceremony of signature of t... more >>

Regional secretary for social affairsInformation: Hospital of Ponta Delgada with Unit of cerebrovascular disease
The regional secretary for Social Affairs affirmed, today, that the number of deaths by cerebrovascular disease has been coming to decrease in the Azores, thanks to the progresses registered in the patients' treatment with this pathology in the Region. In the inauguration of the Cerebrovascular Disease Unit of the Divino Espírito Santo Hospital, in Ponta Delgada, Domingos Cunha specified tha... more >>

President of the Government in kindergartenInformation: Regional Government wants to oblige bigger enterprises in assuming responsibilities in the social field
The president of the Government of the Azores said today that his executive is going to approve, soon, legislation that will oblige enterprises with bigger employer dimension to assume responsibilities in the social area. Carlos César was speaking in the ceremony of inauguration of the day-care centre “O Girassol”, managed by the Social Centre of Atalhada, in S. Miguel, and he wa... more >>

President of the Government in Rabo de PeixeInformation: Change in Rabo de Peixe also passes by the resolution of the housing problem
While presiding, today afternoon, at the ceremony of delivery of 14 new houses in the town of Rabo de Peixe - in a process of re-accommodation of people who were living in the sea front of that town - the president of the Government of the Azores said that there was being lived the moment of the resolution of a problem, but, in simultaneous, the instant in which also it was begun solving many othe... more >>

Divino Espírito Santo HospitalInformation: Private entities are going to guarantee execution of mammographies for the Regional Health Service in the island of S. Miguel
The Regional Health Service (SRS) of the Azores will resort to private entities for the execution of examinations in the area of the mammography, in agreed regime, in the island of S. Miguel. The decision of the Executive of Carlos César, made real in an official communication published by the regional secretary for Social Affairs, intends to put an end to the insufficient answer of the publ... more >>

Regional secretary for Social AffairsInformation: Beneficiaries of the Social Insertion Profit with decrease in the Azores
The regional secretary for Social Affairs guaranteed today, in Ponta Delgada, that since 1999 a continued decrease in the number of beneficiaries and of families included by the Social Insertion Profit (RSI) in the Azores is happening. Denying truthfulness to recent news that point the archipelago like one of the more affected regions by poverty, Domingos Cunha specified that, in 1999, the Azores... more >>

Anniversary of the Luís Soares de Sousa Retirement HomeInformation: Regional Government holds to its commitment to services of support to the elderly
The regional secretary for Social Affairs justified, today, the commitment of the Executive in guaranteeing answers to the needs of the third age in all the islands with the conviction that “the quality of life is the main factor to have in consideration when one thinks about aging”. Domingos Cunha was speaking in Ponta Delgada at the ceremony which marked the 132 years of the Lu... more >>

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