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Information: Azores debate European policies in the General Assembly of the Conference of the Outermost Sea Regions
The Integrated Sea Policy for Europe, the impact of the future Common Agricultural Policy and the role of the regions in the policies connected with the Energy and the Climatic Changes constitute main subjects of the 36th General Assembly of the Conference of the Outermost Sea Regions (CRPM), happening in Bayonne, France, with the presence of the regional director for European Affairs and External... more >>

Flores islandInformation: Ecoteca and Services of Environment of Flores and Corvo promote subaquatic cleaning
The Flores Ecoteca and the Services of Environment of Flores and Corvo promote on Sunday, between 9 o’clock and 12.30 o’clock, a subaquatic cleaning operation in the Port of Boqueirão, in Santa Cruz das Flores, to move the whole population in the way of avoiding the deposition of residues in the wharf and in the bottom of the sea. All participants in the initiative will be invit... more >>

Fishing fleetInformation: Government promotes promotion of the new incentives system to the renovation of the fishing fleet
The Government of the Azores is going to promote from next week, in all the islands of the Region, a set of actions of diffusion of the new incentives system to the renovation of the regional fishing fleet. With the implementation of the new supports, the Executive of Carlos César intends to maintain the dimension of the regional fleet in balance with the fishing means in the Exclusive Econo... more >>

Information: Azorean Economy with promising future
The regional director for Economic Cohesion affirmed today that, in the last years, the Azores have been coming near of the communitarian and national averages on the subject of "per capita" product, emphasizing that it has also been coming to increase the rate of activity in the islands, principally due to a bigger participation of the young feminine population in the labour market. Arnaldo Mac... more >>

Information: Twenty million euros in supports to the flowing of the fishing products up to 2013
The Government of the Azores is going to supply with, from Monday, the associations of the sector, the forms of candidature to the new system of supports to the drainage of the products of the fishing predicted in the communitarian program POSEIMA, in force up to 2013. The working of the new regime of aids, which will put a global amount of 20 million euros available to ship-owners, canned goods ... more >>

Information: Agricultural diesel fuel and diesel fuel for fishing with new price reduction
The prices of the agricultural diesel fuel and of the diesel fuel for fishing practiced in the Azores will be reduced in a cent per litre since zero hours of Tuesday, starting to be sold at 63 and 50 cents, respectively. The Government of the Azores justifies this new reduction with the “decrease of the oil price in the international market” and with the “constant preoccupation ... more >>

Ponta Delgada's fish marketInformation: Vessels of Santa Maria and S. Jorge make quotas of blackspot seabream available in a total of 15,5 tons
The Government of the Azores and the representative associations of fishermen of Santa Maria and S. Jorge agreed on the temporary transfer, on behalf of vessels that operate from other islands of the Region, of capture rights of blackspot seabream (pagellus bogaraveo) in the this year’s campaign in a total of 15,5 tons. The transferred amounts by the fishermen of Santa Maria will be distrib... more >>

Information: Intervention of the Undersecretary of Fishing in the inauguration of monument to the combatants of the War of Ultramar
Integral text of the intervention of the regional undersecretary of Fishing, Marcelo Pamplona, in the inauguration, on Sunday in the Parish of Guadalupe, Graciosa Island, of a monument in memory of the combatants of the War of Ultramar: “First of all I would like transmitting, in the name of the president of the Government of the Azores, that it honors us much to participate in this symbolic... more >>

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