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Information: Volcanic caves of the Azores will have sectoral plan
The Government of the Azores announced on the island of Pico on Wednesday that will draft a Sectoral Plan for the Volcanic Caves of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.The measure, approved by the Council of the Government, aims to stipulate guidelines for the land management of the volcanic caves, crevices and erosion caves of the archipelago in order to protect its ecological aesthetic, scientif... more >>

Information: Carlos César announces one hundred million Euro investment in waste centres
The President of the Government of the Azores revealed on Tuesday that the project for the construction of waste centres on several islands is at an implementation stage, which will involve an investment over one hundred million Euros. As he added, there will be a “reinforcement of EU funds which has been politically agreed with the Government of the Republic. These works will also be suppo... more >>

Information: Azores prepare revision of legislation on nature conservation
There is an ongoing revision process concerning the legislation framework on nature conservation and biodiversity in the Region, the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea on Pico on Monday. Álamo Meneses spoke at the end of a meeting with the Nature Conservation Service and stressed that the Azores have “a great responsibility” in these matters and therefore this legi... more >>

Information: Azores attend 5th of the Meeting of the Monitoring Commission for the Territorial Enhancement Programme
The Government of the Azores, through the Regional Director for Planning and Structural Funds, participated at the meeting of the Monitoring Commission for the Territorial Enhancement Programme which was held in Funchal on Thursday. It was attended by representatives of the central, the European Commission and the Autonomous Region of Madeira, who assessed the implementation level of this operatio... more >>

Information: Six natural parks already operational
Six of the ten natural parks created by the Government of the Azores are already structured and ready to fulfil its educational and recreational functions. The announcement was made on Friday by the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea at the presentation of the Faial Island Park, a unit that served a test for the implementation of this initiative. Of the nine island parks, to wh... more >>

Information: Graciosa Geosites Charter published
The Graciosa Geosites Charter has just been published by the University of the Azores. This edition was developed under the Azores Geopark Project, counting upon the support of the Government of the Azores, through the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea. The aforementioned charter contains the characterisation of the nine geosites located on that island classified as a Biosphere... more >>

Information: New features at the Faial Island Natural Park
The Government of the Azores, through the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea, has created a set of new infrastructures at the Faial Island Natural Park that will fully operational from June 18. These structures include the recovery of the Levada trail and the creation of a new one – the 10 volcanoes trail. The route of the Levada trail was recovered by a partnership with ... more >>

Information: Renewal works of the Vila Franca islet are taking place
The strict weather conditions of last winter have caused some damages on the islet of Vila Franca Campo, including the severe degradation of one of the footbridges. The opened fissure was even endangering the special oceanographic conditions of the islet, for that reason the Regional Directorate for the Environment (DRA) has moved immediately ahead with urgent works. Therefore, the beginning ... more >>

Information: “Açores Entre-Mares” reaches Schools
During another week dedicated to the Sea, the programme of “Açores Entre-Mares” (Azores Between Seas) includes a series of school activities under the theme “School goes to the Sea.” These activities will mainly take place at the schools classified as Eco-Schools (awarded with the green flag). Over the next few days, students from various islands will go on trips to t... more >>

Information: Government authorises signing of contract-programme between the Azores and the Sociedade de Promoção e Gestão Ambiental, S.A
The Council of the Government has authorised the signing of a contract-programme between the Azores and the Sociedade de Promoção e Gestão Ambiental, S.A (SPRAçores) in the maximum amount of 1,281,483.00 Euros. The contract to be signed this year aims to implement the Land Management Plan of the Furnas Crater Lake Hydrographic Basin, including the renewal works of its margins... more >>

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