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Information: Five Azorean Wonders official song presented in Ponta Delgada
The Regional Secretary for Economy has been at the 5 Azorean Wonders official song presentation, in Ponta Delgada, on Friday afternoon. The song is called “Puro Açores” and is performed by the Portuguese band The Gift. At the time, Vasco Cordeiro highlighted the association of the band The Gift, one of the most important and representative of the new Portuguese pop music, to the ... more >>

Information: QualityCoast Award presented yesterday on Faial island
With the QualityCoast Award the Azores are now part of an European network of excellent coastal destinations. This award is attributed by the EUCC – The Coastal & Marine Union, by an international jury, to coastal communities that are proving and presenting good overall performance in sustainable development, providing transparent information to residents and visitors and also planning for f... more >>

Information: Nature Conservation Day in the Azores
Nowadays, the preservation of natural resources reflects the concern for creating a coherent network of areas where natural values are untouchable in order to ensure its sustainability and stimulate the rational use of the remaining natural heritage. Nature can be used to fulfil present needs of the, but always bearing in mind future needs. The success and happiness of the new generations will als... more >>

Information: Government prepares system for the analysis and dissemination of indicators on the Environmental Status
The Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea is developing a technological platform that aims to ensure the permanent analysis of all relevant data for assessing the Environment Status in the Azores.The project is being developed by the Regional Directorate for Land Planning and Water Resources and includes statistical analysis tools deemed necessary for processing geographic and alpha... more >>

Information: Environmental trails of Faial ready to welcome visitors
Six environmental trails on Faial Island are now ready to welcome visitors – Descida da Caldeira, Perímetro da Caldeira, Levadas, Capelo-Capelinhos, Capelinhos Volcano and 10 Volcanoes. Only in the case of the Descida da Caldeira trail, visitors must be accompanied by a Guide from the Island Natural Park. However, the safety and information level is higher when visitors are accompanied ... more >>

Information: Pressure on whale watching reduced
By decision of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea, no further licences for the audiovisual record of cetaceans in the months of July and August this year will be issued. This decision was essentially motivated by the presence of young dolphins and sperm whales in the Azores and the effects of this activity on them. “The licenses already issued correspond to investments... more >>

Information: Risso’s dolphin born south of Pico Island
The Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea informs that a newborn Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus) was found south of Pico Island. To ensure the protection of marine mammals, one should remind the need to strictly comply with the rules for cetacean watching. Whenever a group with young dolphins is sighted, boats must keep a safe distance. Any approach to this baby dolphin or a... more >>

Information: “7 Natural Wonders of Portugal” ceremony promotes the Azores associated to nature tourism
Regardless the Azorean candidates, the “7 Natural Wonders of Portugal” ceremony justifies the commitment of the Regional Government in this event, as it will enhance the external visibility of the Azores, simultaneously promoting nature tourism which is one of the Region’s assets, said the Secretary for the Economy. Vasco Cordeiro attended a press conference held in Sete Cidades ... more >>

Information: Economy and environment together in the support of sustainable development
Nowadays, one cannot talk about sustainable development without mentioning the environment and economic development, two areas that complement each other, mentioned the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea, Álamo Meneses. The Azores are a small territory with only 2300 square kilometres, divided into nine islands which are widely scattered across the Atlantic. This dispersion is... more >>

Information: Government moves ahead with the operationalisation of the Pico Island Natural Park
The Government of the Azores has decided to move ahead immediately with the operationalisation of the Pico Island Natural Park, the second to be created following the Faial Island Park. The announcement by the Regional Secretary for the Environment and the Sea on Wednesday during a visit to one of the most emblematic sites of the Pico island park- the highest mountain in Portugal. Álamo Menes... more >>

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