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Japanese beetleInformation: Government introduces new weapon in the fight to the Japanese beetle
The Government of the Azores is going to introduce a new way in the fight against the Japanese beetle nuisance in several islands of the Region - a locally produced fungus that can cause the death of the adults and of the larvae. The microbiological agent at issue - the metarhizium anisopliae - already began to be produced by the technical support secured by the United States as part of the Lajes... more >>

Information: Profit of the farmers was always a priority for the Government of the Azores
The regional secretary for Agriculture and Forestry said not to understand “the criticism that have been done to the Government of the Azores on a plea silence in which it respects to the issue of the price of the milk paid to the regional producers”. As Noé Rodrigues reaffirmed today, the secretary for Agriculture and Forestry “has been demonstrating for a long time, publi... more >>

Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry in meetingInformation: Government holds to its commitment the defence of the Azorean farming sector
The regional secretary for Agriculture and Forestry reaffirmed, today, the defence of the interests of the Azorean farming sector, classifying it of “strategic and fundamental” for the Region. Noé Rodrigues, who was speaking after the meetings, in Angra do Heroísmo, with the directions of the União de Cooperativas de Lacticínios Terceirense (UNICOL) and of the Asso... more >>

Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Forestry in meetingInformation: Government with guarantees of Lisbon for compensation due to the end of the regime of quotas
The regional secretary for Agriculture and Forestry reaffirmed, today, to have guarantees of the Ministry for Agriculture of which the Azorean farmers will benefit, in scenery of ending the regime of dairy quotas, of compatible compensations with the preservation of its current situation face to the producers of the Country. In declarations to the journalists after a meeting, in Ponta Delgada, wi... more >>

Regional Secretary for Agriculture and ForestryInformation: Government guarantees regime of compensation due to possible dismantlement of the dairy quotas regime
The regional secretary for Agriculture and Forestry guaranteed today that, due to a possible dismantlement of the dairy quotas regime in 2014/2015, the Region has been guaranteeing, by means of guarantee of the Government of the Republic, a regime of compensation that will allow to maintain and to deepen the competitiveness of the Azorean producers. In declarations to the Press, Noé Rodrigues... more >>

Information: Government lowers again agricultural diesel fuel in the Azores
The Regional Government decided to lower in one more cents per litre the price of the agricultural diesel fuel, which starts to be sold in the Azores at 50 cents, since Friday. With the new lowering, which turns from adjustments due to the descent of the oil in the international markets, the sale price of this fuel in the Region starts to be inferior in 51,8 percent regarding to the one practiced... more >>

Regional roadsInformation: Infrastructures with specific measure in the PRORURAL in force up to 2013
The improvement and development of the infrastructures in the agricultural and forest areas constitutes object of a specific measure of the operational program that is going to orientate the public investments to be supported by the European Union in the Azores up to 2013, the PRORURAL. The rules of functioning of this measure, which contemplates interventions in the powers of the agricultural an... more >>

AgricultureInformation: Candidatures to the dairy quota to make available by the National Reserve are open
Young farmers, from the Graciosa, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo islands and farmers with limits of production below 120 tons in a year will have privileged treatment in the attribution of the quantity of dairy production to be available for the Azores by the National Reserve in the 2008/09 campaign. In the terms of a decree of the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Forestry, the term for pr... more >>

Regional secretary for agriculture and forestry at the commemorationsInformation: Azorean Agriculture followed “way of great success”
The regional secretary for Agriculture and Forestry guaranteed today, in the island of Faial, that the Azorean agriculture followed, in the last years, “a way of great success”. Speaking in the commemorations of the 65th anniversary of the Cooperativa Agrícola de Lacticínios do Faial (CALF), Noé Rodrigues added that this success, expressed in the today countless availab... more >>

Information: Government puts technical support available to the culture of proteas
The Government of the Azores financed the travel to the Azores of a South African technician specialized in the production of proteas who is going to be in the Region till Friday to guarantee support to the local producers. With the promotion of the visit, the Executive wants to strengthen in an effective way the attendance, which already happens since 1998, of the producers and their organizati... more >>

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