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Information about the Azores
Lost in the Atlantic, there lies the deepest of the secrets. In quiet silences between the green of the "fajãs", those curious plain patches of land sculpted by old lava flows, and the blue sea of the whales, the feelings of the islanders flow in waterfalls, made beautiful by the hydrangeas, born in the heart of each Azorean.

The soul closes the song of the land, which the wind takes in chorus to the ears of whom knows nothing. A Utopia made reality, where the Man mingles with the ground and the sky, in an infinite pride that he takes for where the destiny drives him. An isolated paradise that insists in being lost, in the middle of the mist and of the whistle of the seagulls.

The mother Nature, wise and clever, managed to give rise to such beautiful paradises in the most different corners of the world. The Azores are one of them and we invite you to inspire yourself and to know its peculiarities: the scenery, the gastronomy, the nautical sports, the customs.

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Photo of 'Praia Formosa' Santa Maria

The immaculate white of the houses spread by the green of the landscape. Ladders of giants covered with vineyards going down the cliffs to the sea. The wide beaches inviting to the pleasures of the sea and the sun.  The basalt twisting in the multiple curves of a spectacular baroque facade.  

The charms of Santa Maria, which seduce those who enjoy holidays in contact with nature, a bucolic calm life, the hospitality expressed in a welcoming smile. 

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Photo of Ponta Delgada center and the Monument "Portas da Cidade"

São Miguel

The crater lakes are the first dazzle, with their calm and poetic beauty. Next, the landscape made from green and flowers, from vast horizons of land and sea.

São Miguel has more to see, more to offer. Monuments that speak of a five-century history. The tranquillity of the vast spaces and the bustle of cities. The colourful of old festivities. Handicrafts with the authenticity of tradition. The pleasures of the table. The emotion of sports. For complete holidays. 

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Photo of a bullfight

A World Heritage city, born of the sea and to the sea, the symbol of a new world created by the discoveries. The intense colourful of the Holy Spirit "impérios." The many evidences of art and history. The vivid watercolour of a landscape made of many green tonalities to which a rainbow of flowers was added. Charms that make Terceira an island for different, complete holidays.  

There is much more to see and to do on Terceira. From a Golf game to a visit to the volcanic caves. From the joy and liveliness of a bullfight on a rope to the simple enchantment of popular architecture. From diving in a swimming pool made from lava and sea to the good taste of traditional gastronomy.

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Photo of a WindmillGraciosa

The gentle undulate of hills framed by the blue of the sea. The black basalt walls from where the luxuriant green of vineyards bursts. The white silhouettes of mills intensified by the red of the pointed roofs. Brushstrokes of colour of the vivid watercolour that is Graciosa, made even more bucolic by a quite existence.  

Graciosa is also the opportunity to visit the interior of a volcano. To admire a precious testimony of the Renaissance art. To dive between the rainbow of underwater flora and fauna. To discover the many charms of a small island worthy of the name with which it was baptised.

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Photo of a São Jorge cheese factorySão Jorge

São Jorge is an immense watercolour painted with infinite shades of green. From the pale green of the grass that emerges to the very dark foliage of the shrubs that cover the cliffs that plunge vertically into the sea. It is this predominance of green that makes this island beautiful, inviting to walks through a landscape that maintains its primitive beauty.  
São Jorge has much to offer to visitors. Unusual "fajãs" located at the bottom of high cliffs. Interesting examples of Azorean sacred art. Bedspreads with secular motifs woven in manual looms. The authentic taste of its famous cheese. For days that will be remembered.

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Photo of a SpermwhalePico

The mountain rises from the sea and grows up beyond the clouds, surrounded by the blue of the sky and of the water, the green pacthes of the islands that its height dominates.
So this is Pico, a volcanic that the hand of man has transformed into vineyards and groves emerging between the black lava.

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Photo of Horta bayFaial

The scenic bay where the city's white houses are spread. The gentle undulate of the hills that climb slowly almost touching the clouds. The green, the always present green with large brushstrokes of the blue of the hydrangeas. Charms of Faial, an island where landscape seems to embrace its visitors and only lets them leave with nostalgia.          

Faial is also the colourful of the many yachts that make Horta their stopover on their voyage across the Atlantic. The stripped landscape of the Capelinhos volcano. The circle of a profound crater covered by the endemic vegetation of the island.  And it is the most dazzling natural viewpoint to admire the neighbouring island of Pico and all the majesty of the enormous volcanic cone rise from the bottom of the sea.

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Photo of 'Rocha dos Bordões'Flores

The constant presence of the green in a thousand fresh shades as the morning light. The brushstrokes of turquoise-blue crater lakes that make one dream. The waterfalls that leap hundred of metres on the way to the sea. This is the natural picture of Flores which was made even more interesting by the calm life of old. The rapid whirl of millstones of a water-mill. The transparent crystal of a sea full of fish. The miles and miles of hydrangeas enhancing the beauty of the landscape. The delicate transparency of handmade flowers.

Visiting Flores is to enter into a calm world, in contact with Nature. Where the visitors like to walk, discover the hidden beauty of the evergreen landscape.

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Photo of Corvo island


A small population of white houses by the sea. Two wonderful crater lakes in the bottom of a large crater. Horizons of a fresh and smooth green. A statue of Our Lady brought from Flanders. Spectacular and steep tracks. This is Corvo, the smallest island of the Azores. Where past and present mingle to provide visitors a unique experience, an unforgettable memory.

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(1) The term "Fajã" designates a plain patch of land, usually arable and small in acreage, situated by the sea, formed by materials fallen from cliffs above or by lava deltas that result from lava flows penetrating into the sea.

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