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The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES is a portal of information and services, guided by criteria of exactness and usefulness, focused in the approximation between the population and the regional public administration, through the Internet, without looking to social, economical, racial or religious conditions.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES bets on a diversified information, including the most varied fields of activity, from the areas of departmental activity of the entities that constitute the Government of the Azores, and corresponding to the motivations, interests and needs of a plural population, whenever possible in services available on line.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES understands that the new technical and communicational means of information and of services rendered in our days implicate an efficient presence of the administration in the Internet, stimulating in the most useful way the constant communication with the population.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES establishes its publishing options without prior hierarchies between the several sectors of activity, in accordance with criteria of present and functional effectiveness of the several publishing axles that compose the portal, and in accordance with the available means of personalized configuration, resulting in that there won’t be a portal, but as many as the registered users.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES considers that the existence of a regional public informed, intervenient and participant opinion is a fundamental condition of the democracy and of the dynamic of an open society, which doesn’t set regional, national and cultural frontiers to the movements of communication and opinion.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES shows the conviction of which it is possible to constitute this portal like a platform of services of great interest, contributing to bring near the population of the regional administration, as to bring near the population of the islands of the Azoreans spread by the world.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES still considers that it is possible to appoint this portal like a mean of spread and promotion of reference, in cultural, business and tourist terms, bet on the defense and deepening of the Azorean identity on the current context of the globalization.

The PORTAL OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE AZORES invites the whole population, the Azoreans of the Diaspora, spread by the world, and all those that are interested by the development of the archipelago, be in which aspect it is, to participate in this project of communication, intervening in an active and responsible way, participating in the space of the citizen, making suggestions, participating in the forums of discussion and debate, deepening the services given by the portal, the quality of its information, and making the Azorean citizenship more solid, wherever they are.

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