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Angra do Heroísmo ,  January 21, 2019

Terceira Tech Island triples training to meet demand for hundreds of programmers

The Vice-President of the Government stated in Angra do Heroísmo that, one year after the start of the implementation of Terceira Tech Island (TTI) project, "the results have far exceeded the best expectations." It is now important to reinforce training in order to satisfy the need of hundreds of new programmers by companies that have already installed or intend to do so in Praia da Vitória technological hub.
"The results of the implementation of TTI have already far exceeded the best expectations; its success and growth have been verified at a much faster pace than originally anticipated," stressed Sérgio Ávila. He spoke at a press conference on the assessment of this project, which is already considered an example of a development strategy supported by various national and international institutions.
In view of this reality and the estimated creation of more than 400 jobs by the end of next year, the Vice-President pointed out that it will "fully compensate the reduction of direct jobs at Lajes Base" as a result of the reduction of the US military presence. According to him, this situation poses new challenges.
"The major challenge for the consolidation of the Terceira Tech Island is the need to reinforce and speed up the pace of training of programmers to meet the growing demand and needs of companies. In this context, we will triple this year's training plan, ensuring the entry of more than 160 programmers into the labour market," announced Sérgio Ávila announced. The fourth training course on Java Programming and Java Scrip will begin Monday, January 28, and registrations are already open for the next two Programming courses, which will cover 126 trainees.
"We have attracted companies that intend to create more than 400 new stable, qualified and well-paid jobs by the end of next year. Now, we only need to mobilise the Azoreans to seize this job and training opportunity by accepting the challenge of entering a new training area and, thus, ensuring a new professional challenge and a new career with an exceptionally good future," stressed Sérgio Ávila.
The Vice-President pointed out that "intensive initial four-month training is free, and accommodation is available for trainees who have to move from another island. These courses are open for all those have some basic programming knowledge and the willingness to learn and seize this opportunity and a new professional career, regardless of their level of training or academic qualification."
Terceira Tech Island project consists of the creation of a technology hub in Praia da Vitoria dedicated to the field of programming and software production for the provision of services. It was created following the identification of the existence of global ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) market needs and the opportunity to install new economic activities that would replace those derived from Lajes Base.
"After identifying this opportunity in the world market, it was important to create the conditions for the Azores and Terceira Island to become competitive and, thus, attract companies that would develop this technological hub," Sérgio Ávila stressed, pointing out the three pillars on which this project is based.
Firstly, he mentioned the "provision of local human resources with specific training on digital skills to meet the demands of the global ICT market and, for this purpose, an Intensive Training Programme was created, being duly recognised and certified by international companies in the field of programming."
"Promoting and providing employment support programmes, investment incentive systems and the tax differential in the Azores for companies wishing to install at Terceira Tech Island" was the second pillar highlighted by Sérgio Ávila.
The third one concerns provision, "from their installation to the creation of the infrastructures deemed necessary for the installation of companies and the accommodation of workers establishing residence on Terceira," highlighted the government official.
As for the eight national and international companies installed on the island, Sérgio Ávila revealed that they have already created 67 direct jobs, contributing to the establishment of another 104 people in Praia da Vitória. Additionally, these companies are already "programming, producing and supporting software from Terceira to numerous countries in Europe, Africa and America."
The Vice-President revealed that, in addition to these eight companies, "another four were created and are only awaiting the end of the next training programme to begin their activity and recruit programmers." According to him, "another five international companies have already demonstrated their firm intention to install at TTI, while also awaiting the availability of more programmers."
"The supply of jobs and the demand of companies far exceed the installed capacity, which requires the need to immediately increase training courses to keep up with demand from companies," Sérgio Ávila highlighted, challenging the Azoreans to seize this opportunity and "overcome this challenge."


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