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Versão PortuguesaMUDAR LÍNGUA

- Food quality and safety

- Economic crimes

·     Food quality and safety;

·     Fraud involving goods and counterfeiting;

·     Stock-piling, destruction of goods and raw materials or unauthorised use;

·     Destruction of own assets to the detriment of the national economy;

·     Violation of regulations on declarations supplied for surveys, inventories, pricing systems or company movements;

·     Speculation;

·     Lack of weighing and measuring instruments;

·     Irregular documentation;

·     Activities subject to entry, registration, authorisation or verification of requirements;

·     Violation of regulations governing the exercise of economic activities;

·     Prevention of money laundering in the non-financial sector;

·     Violation of industrial property, computer piracy and precious metal artefacts;

·     Pricing;

·     Marketing of fisheries and aquaculture products;

·     Marketing of sports equipment;

·     Labelling and packaging of foodstuffs;

·     Waste management (drinks containers, electrical, electronic and electro-domestic equipment, used tyres and abandoned vehicles);

·     Restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;

·     Price reductions, sales and clearance sales;

·     Childcare products, toys, dangerous replicas and Carnival items;

·     Safety of low-voltage electrical equipment and gas appliances and labelling stating efficiency and energy consumption;

·     General product safety;

·     Establishments offering indoor tanning services;

·     Consumer information services on fuel economy and automobile carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions;

·     Textile labels;

·     Dangerous substances and products, washing, conserving and cleaning products and phytopharmaceutical products;

·     Practices which restrict fair competition;

·     Rules which apply to prescribing, requisitioning and stamping standard medical and veterinary products and the veterinary prescriptions records book;

·     Complaints book;

·     Undertakers;

·     Itinerant trade;

·     Advertising for the sale of second-hand passenger vehicles and motorbikes;

·     Obligatory use of the Portuguese language for guarantees and information on the nature and characteristics of goods or services;

·     Hire of passenger vehicles with driver (taxis);

·     Commercial development of crustaceans and univalve molluscs during the closed season;

·     Inclusion in the register of commercial establishments;

·     Distance selling and similar contracts and special sporadic sales;

·     Etc.



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Versão PortuguesaMUDAR LÍNGUA

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