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Application for recognition as craft worker


Defining the status of the craft worker and craft production unit is one of the areas of action of the PPART - Programme for the Promotion of Traditional Arts and Craft Micro-Enterprises for the Autonomous Region of the Azores, represented by the Regional Secretariat for the Economy through the Regional Centre for Handicrafts.

Decree-Law no. 41/2001 of 9 February, with the amendments contained in Decree-Law no. 110/2002 of 16 April, which approves the status of the craft worker and craft production unit, clearly defines the concept of craft work and the craft production unit, anticipating the process of recognition and creating a National Register of Handicraft.

This national legislation, which it is the responsibility of the Regional Centre for Handicrafts to implement within the region, is therefore a fundamental legal instrument for structuring, defining and regulating the group of economic activities associated with arts and crafts and also helps dignify the sector and its professionals and provide recognition of the essential role they may play in boosting local economies and employment.

Ordinance no. 1193/2003 of 13 October subsequently defined the legal requirements and proceedings for recognition of craft workers and craft production units and established regulations for the organisation and functioning of the National Register of Handicraft. This was regulated in the region by the Ordinance no. 20/2004 of 18 March.

The craft worker is employed in a craft activity within a recognised craft production unit, on a self-employed basis or for an employer, which requires:

- A mastery of the knowledge and techniques required for this activity;

- A refined aesthetic sense and manual skill.


General conditions

Recognition of the craft worker is obtained by the granting of a document known as a "craft worker's licence" for one or more craft activities, provided that in each case all of the following conditions are met:

- The activity is carried out on a professional basis;

- The activity is carried out in a recognised craft production unit (including the self-employed workers);

- The activity is listed in the Directory of Craft Activities.



Requisition for getting the craftsman's licence

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