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Regional Directorate for Solidarity and Social Security

The Regional Directorate for Solidarity and Social Security, henceforth referred to as the DRSSS, is a service operating within the SRAS which is responsible for coordinating, inspecting, studying and providing technical support for work in the areas of welfare and social security, specifically for:

a) Helping to define policy measures, objectives and priorities within the sector;
b) Coordinating the implementation of policies established for the sector designed to pursue the objectives of a unified social security system;
c) Proposing draft legal and regulatory provisions;
d) Producing instructions for the correct implementation of laws and regulations ;
e) Promoting the integration and harmonisation, on a regional level, of action programmes for services and institutions within the sector and providing overall assessment of their implementation;
f) Promoting the preparation and production of draft plans and sector budgets;
g) Ensuring the sector plan is implemented and proceeding with its assessment;
h) Supervising the work of institutions, establishments and services within the sector and promoting monitoring;
i) Coordinating the work of social security institutions to ensure that their respective missions are carried out;
j) Defining rules for the sector to work in conjunction with voluntary organisations (IPSSs);
k) Providing technical and financial support to casas do povo (community centres) which, as part of their mission, carry out social work;
l) Cooperating with entities working within the domains of social security, with whom it may enter into agreements;
m) Participating, as prescribed by law, in civil defence work;
n) Helping to define and implement equal opportunities policies;
o) Collaborating with other entities on projects to welcome and integrate returnees and other groups threatened with social exclusion;
p) Ensuring support for the movement of patients.

Constitutive Documents:

RID no. 38-A/2004 of 11 December - DR no. 289/2004, Series I-B
Organisational structure of the 9th Regional Government of the Azores

RID no. 19/2006/A of 5 June - DR no. 108/2006, Series I-B
Amending the organisational structure of the 9th Regional Government of the Azores

RID no. 17/2002-A of 10 July - JO no. 29/2002, Series I
Approving the organisational and staff structure of the SRAS

DL 276/78-87 of 6 September - DR no. 205/78, Series I
Transferring certain services dependent on the Ministry of Social Affairs to the Autonomous Region of the Azores

DLR 11-87-A of 26 June - DR no. 144/87, Series I-A
Approving the organisational structure for Social Security

RLD 24-97-A of 17 December - DR no. 290/97, Series I-A
1st amendment to RLD 11-87-A

RLD 39-2002-A of 18 December - DR no. 292/2002, Series I-A (republishing this legislation)
2nd amendment to RLD 11-87-A

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