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Regional Health Inspectorate

The Regional Health Inspectorate of the Azores (IReS) entered into operation in March 2011. It is a recent service created under the Regional Secretariat for Health, whose mission is to monitor the compliance with the applicable rules to the Regional Health Service. This body is endowed with technical autonomy and independence under the terms of its statute.
The powers assigned to the IReS go beyond the mere compliance with the law. It is responsible for ensuring the proper operation of services and their quality as well as for safeguarding the legitimate interests and the well-being of citizens, always taking into consideration the defence of public interest and without prejudice to the powers held by other entities in the health sector or in similar activities.

In addition to external control powers, i.e., the supervision of private legal persons or individuals (pharmacies, clinics or doctors' offices), the IReS also holds internal control powers, i.e., the monitoring of Public Administration and the regional business sector in the area of health (health centres and EPE hospitals).

The IReS is based on values that are mirrored in the symbols of its logo: the designation of the service and the acronym «IReS» bears a modern design, but unpretentious; on top of the letters there is a circle symbolising a lens and a magnifying glass, which conveys the idea of detail and rigour; in its traditional depiction, health is represented by the caduceus, the symbol of Asclepius (a staff with a serpent wrapped around it) or by the Maltese cross, in a stylised form, as a symbol of protection, selflessness and integrity; the archipelago of the Azores symbolises the public interest to which the IReS is committed; and the blue colour represents prudence, fidelity, subtlety, tranquillity of mind and, for that reason, the coolest colour in the colour spectrum.

Therefore, our aim is to create a service that is recognised by the public and institutions for its technical accuracy, impartiality and authority, without neglecting its educational and preventive action.

Regional Health Inspector
Paula Cristina da Conceição Portela Brás Soares de Albergaria



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