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Versão PortuguesaMUDAR LÍNGUA

Luís Manuel dos Ramos Rodrigues

Born on: 10/8/1972

Academic Qualifications
Degree in Zootechnical Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro;

Degree in Biology from the University of the Azores;

Master's Degree in “Environmental Citizenship and Participation” with a thesis entitled “Environmental Ethics in Fisheries” at the Open University;

Advanced PhD Studies in “Social Sustainability and Development” at the Open University;
Postgraduate Degree in “Climate Change and Global Warming - Record of Lived Experiences” (application to fisheries) at the Open University of London.

Professional experience
Expert technician at the Office of the Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology in the area of Sea and Fisheries.

Non-executive member of the Administration Board of LOTAÇOR.

Coordinator of the Local Learning Centre of the Open University in Ribeira Grande.
Expert technician at the Office of the Regional Secretary for Natural Resources in the areas of Environment, Sea and Fisheries; Senior Technician at LOTAÇOR; Technician at the Office of the Regional Under Secretary for Fisheries; Provider of advisory services to the Azores Fisheries Federation at the South Western Waters Advisory Council on Common Fisheries Policy matters; Technical Coordinator of the Island Group for the Azores zone (CCR`s).

Senior Technician at the Azorean Maritime Association; Adviser to the Azores “Fisheries Council.” He collaborated in various technical and scientific works with MEGAPESCA, the Regional Inspectorate of Fisheries, the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the University of the Azores (observer for the “Azores Fisheries Observation Programme” for the awarding of the “Dolphin Safe” 2000/2001 status) and with the Department of Marine Biology of the University of the Azores. He also held worked as researcher at INOVA.

Collaborator at ELO Research Centre (Unit Research on Local Studies, Open University) as Technician at Alvão Natural Park.

Member of the follow-up group for PRAC (Regional Plan for Climate Change) and of the Working Group for the Restructuring of Fisheries in the Azores.

He was the responsible for the creation, coordination and evaluation of projects developed in the area of Training, Local Development, Fisheries and Environment (national and transnational scope). Initiatives/programmes: Commissioner's Office Against Poverty - South region, QUAL, INTERREG, EFTA, PROEMPREGO, TREVO, REACTIVAR, PICTI, PRO-PESCAS, FIOS, ERASMUS and EUROPA - Youth in Action. Other projects: “Fishing for School,” “Developing and Dignifying,” “Tide Change,” “Students On Board,” “Clean Fishing,” “Celebrating Coastal Culture,” “Reactivate Fishing,” “Fishers' Week,” “Voice of the Sea," “Valuing Azorean Fish,” “Open Education,” “PRIMARTE" and “Valuing the Azores Sea.” He coordinated of the Fishing supplements for the Open University and for "Açoriano Oriental” and “Correio dos Açores” newspapers.

Accreditation, Technical and Educational Coordinator of projects developed in various fields of training.

Author, Co-author and collaborations: Scientific and technical books, including “Espécies Marinhas dos Açores” (Azorean Marine Species), “Atuns e Similares dos Açores” (Azorean Tunas and Similar Species), “Navegação com Vela Latina” (Lateen Sail Navigation) and "Artes da Pesca Artesanal dos Açores" (Azorean Traditional Fishing Techniques).

Scientific and technical articles published in Portugal and Abroad: Coastal fisheries in the Azores, Portugal - A question of sovereignty, sustainability and space, La industria de pesca en las Azores, Portugal – Una cuestión de soberanía, sostenibilidad y espacio.In European Fisheries at a Tipping-Point / La Pesca Europea ante un Cambio Irreversible; First records of Fistularia petimba and Diom eydouxii for the Azores, with notes on occurrence of three additional species Journal of Fish Biology (2004).

He organised and participated in various forums, seminars and conferences held in Portugal and abroad (Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Biaritz, Rimini and Bearia).

Guest speaker as expert on matters related to Fishing Technology, Sustainable Fishing and Promotion of Fishery Products (Portugal and Abroad).

He taught Biology, Fisheries, and Earth and Life Sciences and a certified trainer in Fishing Technology, Fishing Management Techniques, Environmental Education, Fish Handling and Conservation, Codes of Conduct for Sustainable Fishing, Fish Detection Techniques and Communications.

Internship tutor and jury at the University of the Azores and for "Estagiar L" programme.
Founder of Rabo de Peixe Nautical Club and AGECTA (Agency for Territorial Cohesion).
President of Rabo de Peixe Athletics Club and QUERCUS Office of São Miguel and Santa Maria.

Various certifications: Fisher License - category C, GMDSS-Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems, Local Fishing Vessel Skipper, Local Skipper and Firefighter.

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Versão PortuguesaMUDAR LÍNGUA

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